AT&T and Google Partner To Bring 5G to the Cloud

If you’re a current user of Google’s Cloud then you should be excited about their new partnership with AT&T! Both companies have recently partnered together to bring AT&T’s 5G technologies to increase the cloud platform’s speed and security by running applications closer to their end users.

How is this done? 5G improves the edge computing process where a quick connection is needed, allowing for quicker analyzation of data before being moving to the cloud.

AT&T’s 5G network doesn’t currently blanket the country in 5G coverage but does cover about 80 million people.

What does this mean for businesses? It means businesses would be able to utilize edge computing to process mass amounts of data produced by the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to devices and appliances controlled over a network- so think smart security systems, smart home hubs, smart appliances and things of that nature.

According to Gartner, 75% of all the data generated by companies will be processed outside current cloud technologies by 2025.

Google Cloud Chief Executive Thomas Kurian said, “Our co-innovation with AT&T aims to bring a multitude of 5G and Edge Computing solutions to address a diversity of use cases, driving real business value in industries like retail, manufacturing, gaming and more.”

Source: WHBL