AT&T Launching 5G in Mexico

AT&T Mexico has officially launched 5G coverage with plans to expand its footprint over the next several years. From what we know so far, coverage is available in parts of neighborhoods in Mexico City, including Escandón, Del Valle Centro, Narvarte Poniente, and Naples. 

AT&T Mexico CTO Nicole Rodriguez said in an announcement that AT&T will roll out 5G coverage in Mexico’s main markets over the next three years. “We will be announcing more about the markets we will be reaching and how we will enable our users with 5G to experience this technology,” Rodriguez continued.

As part of its launch, AT&T connected the first 50 mobile devices to the 5G network, more specifically, the Honor 50 5G phone. Users will be able to experience AT&T’s 5G network and test it out. 

Monica Aspe, CEO of AT&T Mexico, said in a statement, “With the deployment of our 5G network, we continue to innovate and be pioneers in the country,” she continued, “By putting our customers at the center of all the decisions we make, we are committed to providing them with the latest technology and the best experience.”

AT&T Mexico also launched a new 5G Innovation lab, which focuses on providing real-world use cases for 5G since the latest technology provides faster speeds, lower latency, and more device connections. AT&T is not the only carrier offering innovation hubs; T-Mobile just recently announced a partnership with the University of Washington’s CoMotion Lab to run as an incubator for 5G-focused hardware startups that can work on new products and services using this new technology. 

“At AT&T Mexico, we know that it is essential to boost the country’s developer and entrepreneur ecosystem to enable different use cases while the network is being deployed and we connect more and more Mexicans,” said Sergio Almallo, VP and chief digital marketing officer at AT&T Mexico, in a statement. “A 5G network without 5G devices, applications or services is as useful as giving an artist a blank canvas, but no paint.”

Most of AT&T Mexico’s customer base are prepaid subscribers, totaling about 19.47 million, with postpaid accounting for about 4.78 million subscribers. 

Source: FierceWireless