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AT&T Inc. is a modern media company whose mission is to inspire human progress through the power of communication and entertainment. AT&T brings together premium video content, a large base of direct-to-consumer relationships, high-speed networks optimized for video and advertising technology to lead the next revolution in technology, media and telecommunications.

AT&T’s low-band 5G network is available nationwide! Subscribers can expect to see improved 4G speeds and if you want full access to 5G, you’ll need to have a 5G capable phone. If you’re interested in the powerful high-band 5G network, you can check out our article, Which Cities Have 5G Near You to see if your city is on the list. As of right now, AT&T doesn’t have any phone plan that is specific to 5G, but you can gain access to their 5G network if you’re on the Unlimited Extra, Unlimited Elite and Unlimited Starter plans and are both located in a city with 5G coverage and have a 5G compatible phone.

AT&T 5G Network Plan Details

FeaturesAT&T 5G
Unlimited Elite
Unlimited Extra
Unlimited Starter
Monthly Price per line$85/per line$75/per line$65/per line
Talk & TextUnlimited talk and text Unlimited talk and text Unlimited talk and text
DataUnlimited, Speeds may slow after 100GB usedUnlimited, Speeds may slow after 50GB usedUnlimited, Speeds may slow if network is busy
AT&T 5G AccessWith 5G compatible device  With 5G compatible device  With 5G compatible device 
International Calls & Texts Unlimited minutes to/from Mexico and Canada

Unlimited messages to 120+ countries
Unlimited minutes to/from Mexico and Canada

Unlimited messages to 120+ countries
Unlimited minutes to/from Mexico and Canada

Unlimited messages to 120+ countries
Streaming CapabilitiesHD StreamingSD StreamingSD Streaming
Hot Spot Data30 GB/per month15 GB/per monthNone
Special OffersHBO Included NoneNone
ExtrasDevice security, fraud blocking, safe browsing, ID monitoring and spam risk alerts Device security, fraud blocking, safe browsing, ID monitoring and spam risk alerts Device security, fraud blocking and spam risk alerts

Additional fees may apply. All prices are for plans involving 1 line per month. To learn more about plans with multiple lines, check out AT&T’s additional options here. Pricing updated as of October 2020.

AT&T 5G Phones & Devices

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