DISH Wireless is Building its Workforce

A 5G technician hired by DISH Wireless.

During a time in which the wireless industry continues to see transformation and layoffs from multiple companies, DISH Network is taking a different approach and adding to its workforce. Since acquiring Boost Mobile from Sprint, DISH Wireless has begun dipping its toes into the world of wireless and is looking to make a splash.

The fourth major player in U.S. wireless is hiring hundreds of new employees throughout a variety of divisions including technicians, retail managers, and many other positions. The goal in the immediate is to balance servicing the millions of customers it gained by purchasing Boost Mobile while also fulfilling its ambitions to create a leading 5G network throughout America. Those ambitions are not only a plan for an evolving company but are now also a billion-dollar obligation to the U.S. government. As a part of the terms to allow DISH to purchase Boost Mobile, the company was required to switch from its original plan to build a network that focused more on current and previous generations of technology to assist with the Internet of Things (IoT) and to create a nationwide 5G network. The FCC has set a target of 70% of the nation covered by DISH’s 5G network by 2023 or DISH would face a fine reaching over $2 billion.

DISH’s Executive Vice President of Network Development, Dave Mayo wrote on LinkedIn that “Dish is Hiring Wireless Professionals!” Since joining the company from T-Mobile earlier this Summer, Mayo has been passionate about adding jobs to help fulfill the company’s wireless goals with the expectations of employing a minimum of 2,000 employees at the DISH Wireless headquarters in Littleton, Colorado alone. The jobs, however, are spread throughout many cities in the U.S. including Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City.

Around 200 employees are being recruited for DISH’s wireless networking business with nearly 50 more dedicated to Boost Mobile and its prepaid services. Many employees may have already emerged from recruiting efforts as a notable number of DISH’s workforce that is on LinkedIn seem to have a connection or expertise in 5G and wireless communications.

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