DISH Wireless Partners With IBM For 5G Automation

DISH Wireless Partners With IBM For 5G Automation

As DISH Wireless ramps up to build its 5G network, the company has been seeking out the best of the best to help. DISH recently announced that it plans to use IBM automation and network orchestration software. The IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation software for 5G operators will help DISH enable unique network slices for both its customer and business base. 

Chief network officer of DISH Wireless, Marc Rouanne, said recently in a statement, “Our 5G build is unique in that we are truly creating a ‘network of networks,’ where each enterprise can custom-tailor a network slice or group of slices to achieve their specific business needs. IBM’s orchestration solutions are designed to leverage AI, automation and machine learning to not only make these slices possible, but to help them adapt over time as customer use evolves.” 

DISH’s 5G network will be unlike the other carriers because it will use cloud-native and a virtualized open RAN approach. The IBM software is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) will help optimize network operations and performance, according to the managing director of IBM’s global communication sector, Steve Canepa. 

“As a result, DISH can accelerate time to market for new innovative services powered by a secured, automated, intelligent and agile 5G network,” Canepa said in a statement.

The software itself will be able to continually learn, deliver insights, and analyze financial impact to prioritize and manage issue resolution and network function. 

DISH Wireless is racing against the clock to get its 5G network live and running. The satellite TV provider turned wireless provider has to cover 70% of the U.S. population with 5G by 2023 or face a multi-billion fine from the FCC. Currently, DISH is set to release a beta 5G network in Las Vegas by the end of 2021, and if all goes well, a live, functioning 5G network by the beginning of 2022. 

DISH Wireless has already been taking sign-ups through its website “Project Gene5is” so customers can be alerted of 5G coverage in their area. 

Source: Fierce Wireless