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DISH Network is a new name in the wireless space and one often associated with TV services. As of 2019, DISH Network has emerged as the latest wireless carrier to compete against household names like Verizon, AT&T and what will be known as New T-Mobile after the finalization of the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint into one network. While DISH Network is the latest player in the game, don’t expect the TV titans to fall in-line behind the other three carriers. DISH Network was founded on innovation and bringing sophisticated products to market and has flourished for always leading the industry with the best customer-facing value. DISH will always offer customers the lowest everyday pricing nationwide.

As of July 2020, DISH has not officially launched their 5G network or announced any plans, pricing or phones that will be available. Stay tuned to for updates.

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DISH Will Finalize Boost Mobile Deal By July 1st

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DISH’s Deal with Boost Mobile is in Limbo

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5G Verizon Logo in White and Red

Verizon CFO Keeping an Eye on DISH

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DISH Confident in 5G, Boost Mobile Plans

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