It’s Official: DISH Network Finalizes Deal For Boost Mobile

It’s official, DISH Network is a wireless carrier! 

It was announced on Wednesday, July 1, 2020, that DISH Network completed the purchase of Boost Mobile, Sprint’s prepaid service for $1.4 billion. With the close of the deal, DISH Network gained nine million customers and is officially a fourth competitor against AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Though small in numbers, it’s a start compared to the 100 million+ subscribers the other carriers have. 

“Today, we are proud to welcome hundreds of employees, thousands of independent retailers, and millions of customers to the DISH family,” said Erik Carlson, president, and CEO, DISH. “This marks an important milestone in DISH’s evolution as a connectivity company. It positions us well as we continue to build out the first virtualized, standalone 5G network in America.”

DISH also brought back Boost Mobile’s “$hrink-It!” plan that starts at $45/mo. for 15GB of data. Monthly rates will drop by $5 after three on-time payments and then by an additional $5 after customers make six total on-time payments. Boost customers will be able to keep their same numbers and won’t experience any disruptions in service. In addition to the $hrink-It! plan revival, Boost will also have a 10GB plan for $35/mo. for unlimited talk and text. Customers will be able to sign up for either plan with their existing compatible devices or by buying a new device. Both plans will be available for purchase starting July 2nd. 

John Swieringa, group president, retail wireless and COO, DISH, will lead Boost Mobile. “Boost is uniquely positioned to disrupt this industry. Our passionate team, from employees to retail associates to local business owners, is ready to compete,” said Swieringa. “We’ll bring new, exciting products and offers to customers that better meet their needs and fit their budgets. Starting tomorrow, Boost will launch the first of our new offers with the revival of $hrink-It! — rewarding customers with ‘the longer you stay, the less you pay.'”

Boost Mobile’s new network and plans will offer customers more flexibility and choices, as well as a boost in wireless performance by activating customers with a compatible device on the new T-Mobile network. The upgraded network boasts a better signal, speeds, and more nationwide coverage. 

This is a first major step for DISH Network as they work to build out the first standalone 5G network. For years, DISH has been buying wireless spectrum that could eventually be used for a wireless network, and up until today, they haven’t built out or even launched a consumer service. 

After today, we’ll likely see DISH making more significant moves as it works to build out their 5G network and compete to be one of the top wireless carriers. 

To view all of the Boost Mobile plans, visit their website