Seven New Tower Deals as DISH Wireless Expands 5G Network

DISH Wireless is continuing its aggressive tactics and pressing forward with seven new tower deals to help grow its infrastructure. The latest moves will have DISH Wireless forming deals with Harmoni Towers, Mobilite, Parallel Infrastructure, Phoenix Tower International, Tillman Infrastructure, Tower Ventures, and Vogue Towers. Over 4,000 towers and other pieces of wireless infrastructure are being added throughout the entirety of the United States for DISH Wireless as it becomes the fourth major wireless provider in the U.S. and the first with a 5G standalone (SA) cloud-native O-RAN compliant network. In addition to gaining access to the impressive amount of infrastructure DISH Wireless will now have, the seven vendors will assist DISH with installing 5G radios through several services to help expand DISH’s reach quicker.

When DISH Wireless announced that it would be creating its nationwide 5G network with a budget of $10 billion, many analysts and industry insiders scoffed at the idea. The deals for these towers will go a long way in not only ensuring that DISH Wireless continues to operate within its budget but also its deadline. At least 75% of American markets need to be covered by DISH Wireless and its 5G network by June 14, 2025, or the company will face a fine of more than $2 billion from the FCC.

“Securing strong tower partners is a key component of any network expansion, and is tremendously important for DISH’s rapid roll-out of a new, nationwide 5G network,” said DISH Wireless leader Dave Mayo. The Executive VP continued, “Each of these new tower partners will play an important role in bringing our network to life, connecting next-generation wireless service to American consumers and enterprises.”

The deal comes shortly after DISH Wireless would drum up speculation that it is involved with the new Fujitsu, Xilinx collaborative effort to bring O-RAN 5G radio units (O-RUs) solutions to a 5G nationwide project in the United States. Because there is a shared history between DISH and Fujitsu as a vendor and a new deal was struck between the two for radios in the not-so-distant past, many believe the radios will be a part of the buildout underway by DISH Wireless.

Expanding its footprint throughout America with 5G towers and radios will see DISH Wireless on the right track. Take a closer look at some of the excitement this news is bringing in the wireless industry:

“We are excited to partner with DISH and look forward to being a part of their nationwide 5G network deployment. We believe our growing portfolio of newly constructed towers provides a unique opportunity to quickly and efficiently deliver the wireless infrastructure solutions DISH requires,” said the President of Harmoni Towers, Lawrence Gleason.

“Mobilitie is proud to be partnering with DISH to support the aggressive buildout of its new national 5G network,” observed Christos Karmis, the President and CEO of Mobilitie. “With our national portfolio of infrastructure assets, Mobilitie’s top tier team, and our deep experience working with major US cities, we are looking forward to a long-term relationship supporting Dish’s state-of-the-art network and their ground-breaking progress as the industry’s newest national wireless carrier.”

“We are thrilled to have reached a meaningful partnership agreement with DISH and look forward to supporting DISH as it builds out its state-of-the-art 5G network in the years ahead,” remarked the CEO of Parallel Infrastructure.

“PTI is delighted to be a strategic partner to DISH as it executes its 5G connectivity buildout,” said Dagan Kasavana, CEO of Phoenix Tower International (PTI), “…we are proud to be supporting DISH across the U.S. in the years to come.”

“Rolling out a brand new nationwide network is an incredibly ambitious project and no easy feat. We are excited to bring our creativity and operational excellence to the table, helping the DISH team to be successful,” said Bill Hague, CEO of Tillman Infrastructure. “We at Tillman are proud that the work we have been doing, and continue to do as the leading builder of macro towers in the U.S., will be a part of this historic deployment,” added the VP of Business Development, Alexander Schwartz.

“Tower Ventures is excited to partner with DISH on its nationwide 5G buildout. DISH’s ambitious plans call for a nimble and creative infrastructure partner, and Tower Ventures is thus the perfect strategic partner,” declared the Executive VP of Leasing and Sales, Craig Weiss. “The professionalism of DISH’s staff has been evident from our first meetings, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

“Vogue Towers is excited to be a part of ‘5G for America’ with DISH. We have had a great experience to date working with DISH through our national MLA process and look forward to assisting with their network buildout as an infrastructure partner,” commented Pat Troxell-Tant, CEO of Vogue.”

Source: Yahoo! Finance