T-Mobile’s 5G Open Innovation Lab is Open

This summer, T-Mobile, Intel, and NASA are teaming up to deliver a collaborative space for organizations to meet up and use 5G networks to develop new applications and functions.

Collaboration is an essential part of any industry and the team of T-Mobile, Intel, and NASA are bringing together 5G innovators like never before through The 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab). The goal of the program is to allow startups, government entities, developers, places of academia, and more to come together in collaboration to advance 5G empowered applications and functions.

This 12-week program is bringing together 17 companies that will work together through July 17 while networking and exchanging ideas and findings. This includes opportunities to hear from executives, network with 5G experts, work sessions and collaborations, and social opportunities. At the end of it all, The 5G OI Lab will finish with Demo Day, a day to demonstrate what has been discovered or achieved through their efforts working with 5G. Fundraising of over $15 million through the Series A rounds have been successful, and while The 5G OI Lab does not own equity with any of the startups invited, these companies will gain access to a network of 5G partners, mentoring opportunities, and information shared among peers. A partial list of the attending companies has been released including:

  1. Aarna Networks
  2. Evolute
  3. Expeto.io
  4. Iunu
  5. Gybe
  6. Mutable
  7. NLM
  8. Numurus
  9. Omnivor
  10. OptiPulse
  11. PlutoVR
  12. Scivista
  13. Taqtile
  14. Transparent Path

To register your company, you can visit 5G OI Lab’s website here to see about getting involved in the Fall 2020 edition of this lab. Due to 5G’s massive potential across many different businesses, expect a variety of industries to be represented and considered during the enrollment process.

Partnerships for the Lab are bringing high levels of knowledge and demonstration to those in attendance that will ultimately help advance 5G interests in untold ways moving forward. NASA is helping companies understand the role space will play in the 5G revolution. By providing its expert-level knowledge is helping those in attendance understand the way companies involved with 5G and space will interact with each other. Avanade has partnered with the 5G OI Lab to help with development and integration within startups, as has Google and Amazon so that 5G related coding, functions, and services can be hosted to demonstrate how they work.

Further assistance has come from Bellevue, Washington as the 5G OI Lab is the first member of the Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ), a program to stimulate the local economy, create jobs, and develop technologies by the Washington State Department of Commerce. Additional entities are assisting to fulfill the Lab’s realization including Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, Snohomish County, Washington State University (WSU), and the University of Washington. The future of 5G is bright and with the backing of many experienced organizations as well as a mix of up and coming brands, the 5G community is building a fantastic foundation to incubate and grow ideas through networking and application.

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