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Extended Reality and 5G Explained

5G is going to change the world and one of the coolest ways its going to do that is through the world of Extended Reality (XR).

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How to Understand 5G Speeds

5G technology is the next big thing but it’s hard for the average everyday consumer to understand exactly what it means for them. Take a look at our guide to understanding 5G speeds and how it will impact you.

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What Are The Different 5G Spectrum Bands?

Understanding the different spectrum bands that 5G uses can be a bit complicated. Read more on the differences between the low, mid, and high band.

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5G graphic showing mmWave spectrum

What is mmWave Spectrum?

5G uses a range of spectrum bands but with mmWave, you see the highest speeds that 5G has to offer. By using high-band, also called mmWave spectrum, carriers can transmit more data, faster, and without latency.

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A graphic of 5G and 4G

Why is 5G Different Than 4G?

5G is coming to transform more than our phones but the very way we conduct ourselves as we know it. So why is 5G different than 4G? Learn more.

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A graphic of a home using 5G fixed wireless.

Will 5G Replace Home Broadband?

5G is positioning homes and businesses with the opportunity to have download speeds through fixed wireless technology that rivals or surpasses their current networks.

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A graphic illustrating 5G speed

What is the Speed of 5G?

The reach of 5G is extending to the apps we enjoy, games we play, and the way we function through innovative ideas such as self-driving cars. The fastest speeds can be achieved on 5G’s highest level of spectrum.

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Frequently Asked Questions About 5G

Here at 5GInsider, we receive a wide range of questions involving 5G and we’re happy to help. At this point, […]

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Understanding the Internet of Things and 5G

The idea of autonomous, harmonious machinery is anything but new, however, due to limited technological advances, it has also been […]

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10 Things You Can Do With 5G at Home

Whether you’re into tech-talk or just breeze through headlines, it’s likely that you’ve seen the latest buzzword, 5G, floating around. […]

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What Will 5G Enable?

Every day it seems our technological advances are getting cooler and more futuristic. From self-driving cars to smart homes and […]

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What Does 5G Mean For the Internet of Things?

5G is easily one of the most talked about topics in tech-talk and is definitely worth all the hype its […]

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Will 5G Be Available in Rural America?

5G wireless technology is finally starting to deploy nationwide and users couldn’t be more excited to start using the highly […]

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What is Special About 5G?

It’s often difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology and what’s coming out next. 5G is the […]

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How Does 5G Work?

If you’ve been keeping up with tech news and all the chatter around 5G or just watching television and notice […]

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Will 5G Cost More?

As 5G technology rolls out and becomes a more prevalent part of our evolving technologies, the biggest question will be, […]

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How will 5G work in my home?

How Will 5G Work In My Home?

Home appliances aren’t the hottest subject, nor are they something that conjures up images of glitz and pizazz. However, with […]

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How Will 5G Improve My Every Day?

How Will 5G Improve My Every Day?

It’s likely that if you’ve been watching TV and seen a few commercials from carriers like Verizon or T-Mobile and […]

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How Will 5G Affect My Current Technology?

The roll out of 5G has everyone talking. We all want to experience reliable connection with low latency, fast upload […]

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Does 5G Exist?

Does 5G exist? 5G is set to revolutionize the technology industry and how we use our phones. This wireless technology […]

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Futuristic Technology Tablet

What Will 5G Do?

All the technologically advanced things we have seen on the big screen have finally come to fruition, and it is […]

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Man Holding Cell Phone with Web

What 4G Phones Will Work on a 5G Network?

The 5G revolution is here and shows no signs of slowing down. 5G is the fifth generation in wireless technology […]

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Blue Web Network with Hand

Where is 5G Available?

5G is the next generation in wireless technology and is sending the world abuzz for good reason. 5G will deliver […]

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Antenna and 5G Network Technology

When is 5G Launching?

5G is the fifth generation in wireless technology and is the next big thing to hit the market in a […]

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5G Technology in the City

When Will 5G Be in My Area?

5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology that’s poised to bring about the fourth industrial revolution. With blazing fast […]

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4G vs 5G Blue and White

What’s the Difference Between 4G and 5G?

Fifth generation or “5G” is the new buzzword in the technology world and for good reason. 5G is the next […]

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5G Cell Phone Signal with Antenna Tower

Will 5G Work Indoors?

5G is the next wireless revolution that’s about the rock the world with its blazing fast speeds and ultra-low latency […]

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Internet of Things on Tablet

How does 5G Affect IoT?

5G is emerging as one of the hottest topics in tech chat and is 100% worth all the hype. 5G […]

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Blue and Pink Cell Phones Black Background

Are 5G Phones Available?

If you don’t know what 5G is or if you’ve been following closely, it’s the next big wireless breakthrough to […]

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5G for Phones, Robots, Computers, Drones and Cars

Is 5G Just for Phones?

5G is the fifth generation in cellular wireless technology and there’s no doubt, it’s a big deal. The new 5G […]

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