What is the Speed of 5G?

A graphic illustrating 5G speed

5G devices are bringing the fastest wireless speeds that we have ever seen to machines and devices across the world. Capable of top download speeds that can reach anywhere between 1,000 and 20,000 Mbps, the speed of 5G will surpass many modern wired connections we enjoy today.

The ways that 5G is connecting the world is unparalleled to previous wireless generations. Each generation brings new features to the table but with 5G you will be capable of powering multiple devices with ease, reducing its lag time during use, experiencing download speeds that provide a seamless experience for advanced functions such as augmented reality (AR), and much more. The reach of 5G is extending to the apps we enjoy, games we play, and the way we function through innovative ideas such as self-driving cars. The fastest speeds can be achieved on 5G’s highest level of spectrum.

The Difference Between 5G Spectrum Bands

5G works across three different ranges of spectrum: low-band, mid-band, and high-band (mmWave). Each band comes with different characteristics in terms of both download speeds and the distance in which its signal is transmitted. Understanding your spectrum will help you understand the 5G experience across different markets:

  • Low-band spectrum- great for distance but not for peak 5G speeds.
  • Mid-band spectrum- a healthy balance between transmitting decent speeds at longer distances.
  • High-band (mmWave) spectrum- the fastest speeds that 5G can offer but it cannot travel far at all.

Different spectrum bands will continue to play different roles in the way networks are created. All will work together in a multi-band strategy as 5G matures to deliver a more seamless experience that keeps subscribers connected with the fastest speeds available in urban, dense markets at the beginning of its life cycle.

How Does 5G Achieve High Speeds?

5G is capable of sending more data over the airwaves by the coding it uses and with the help of a large, dense network of MIMO antennas. MIMO, or multiple input, multiple output, antennas allow for providers to send and receive more data simultaneously without disruptions or delays.

What Will 5G Speeds Enable us to Do?

The extraordinary speed of 5G will enable users to indulge in a range of wireless activities. Everything from better streaming to revolutionizing industries is on the table and with speeds continuing to grow, 5G will continue to push as a viable alternative to wired Internet connections.

Some of the ways 5G’s speeds will influence the world around us may be obvious but there are many additional benefits this generation of wireless is bringing to our lives:

  • Lightning-fast download speeds mean you can stream your favorite shows/movies/music and download files with ease never before seen.
  • The power to connect multiple devices that can collaborate and create together via the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Gaming is headed to the next level as cloud computing will gain a notable boost. This will allow developers to provide a better experience and enhance platforms such as consoles and even mobile to play together on a more comparable playing field.
  • Enhanced features are on their way as 5G’s speeds mixed with its low levels of latency will allow for even better AR and VR experiences. This includes everything from becoming enthralled in your favorite new video game to performing complex medical procedures from around the world.
  • Interactive cities and autonomous functions including self-driving cars that can interact with others around them for safer driving, traffic signals that make travel more efficient, emergency vehicles that can manipulate traffic for faster results, interactive kiosks and maps, and much more.
  • Your home will transform into a smart home only seen in movies. Your AC will be able to regulate itself based on time of day, outside temperature, number of people in the room and other factors- all without you having to touch anything. 5G will make your home much more efficient and life more convenient. 

These are but a few of the ways 5G’s speeds will elevate the technology we use to the next level. One of the most exciting parts of 5G is that no one knows how far it may go. The speeds that are being recorded during initial testing is showing the ability to power much more than meets the eye and as companies continue to innovate, we will see greater speeds and applications from 5G networks.

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