What Will 5G Do?

Futuristic Technology Tablet

All the technologically advanced things we have seen on the big screen have finally come to fruition, and it is all thanks to 5G technology. 5G will change how we drive, watch movies, stream, and just about everything else. Everything we use today is connected to some form of network, whether it be the internet or a cellular network keeping us entirely online.  5G network speed isn’t just for our phones and tablets anymore. This high-speed network will benefit our security systems, smart TVs, gaming consoles, cars, and much more. 

Unlike 4G, 5G will be able to handle more users at one time without delay.  Meaning more devices can connect to the network without experiencing any lag in connection. Living in a house full of people, and everyone has every device they own connected, you can only imagine how much easier your life will be with the implementation of the 5G network. 

5G on mobile devices has been in the works for many years, and now we will be able to see soon how the new network will improve our everyday lives. Most of us rely on our phones to do everything, and we always expect instant results when we are looking up videos or sending pictures of our meals to Instagram. But, what happens when that video keeps buffering every three seconds due to reduced network speed or lost connection? Annoying isn’t it? 5G cuts out all of the congestion we currently see on 4G networks. This new high-speed technology will operate at higher broadband of frequencies allowing users to experience up to twenty times faster than speed than 4G.  

We know everyday appliances have grown with the times in terms of how we program our TV’s to turn on at certain times and how our new washing machines can text when the load is complete but imagine if everything happened faster. Sometimes you might run into issues with the signal sending to your smart TV not picking up, or a lag in connection due to high latency. With 5G, those issues will become a thing of the past, thus allowing connection within a matter of milliseconds. Take your security system, for instance, imagine someone has broken into your home and you have a smart security system with cameras that allow you to see what is going on and have two-way communication right from your phone. But, your 4G network is slow in enabling you to open the app and catch a live view of the intruder. And the picture you can see is very grainy due to poor connection in your home. For instances like this, you know seconds count, and with 5G, your upload times on 1-2 milliseconds will give you the peace of mind you need. Household devices aren’t always something we consider will change when 5G is talked about, but we cannot leave them out of the conversation. Companies have rolled out smart washing machines and dryers that take the guesswork out of measuring laundry detergent and can give specific dry times based on the weight of your load in the dryer.

Streaming your favorite TV shows and movies will also become faster with the implementation of 5G. Gone are the days of having to start downloading movies a week before your flight because you’re unsure how long the download will take. You will now be able to download your favorite season of The Office right before you walk on the plane for your long flight. Gaming will also evolve as it will become easier for you to stream and download your favorite games away from home, allowing you to take your gaming to a new level. Multiplayer gaming will increase as more people start to play away from their houses and standard internet. Virtual reality (VR) will also be more common due to the system itself being faster and not having to be in one location, and the goggles are becoming smaller due to wireless capabilities. Portable gaming consoles will also have the 5G technology built in to allow users a faster gaming experience on the go. 

Cars are already smart but imagine a more intelligent car. 5G will give us cars that will communicate with other vehicles, traffic lights, and road signs to avoid accidents and road congestion. C-V2X is communication technology that uses the same networks like 5G to allow cars to see and think for themselves, making them utterly autonomous without the need for a wireless carrier. When we talk about self-driving cars, we have to think about how other means of transportation will change as well. Autonomous buses and trains are currently in testing phases around the world, and with a faster connection via the 5G network, it is only a matter of time until cars, buses, and trains can shuttle people places in record time.  

5G will be a true one of a kind upgrade, allowing us to communicate with technology better than we ever have before. We will be at a point in history where the phrase “hey that would be cool if cars could drive themselves” will be replaced with “that already exists.” Innovation will be the name of the game for companies when creating new devices that are faster and more reliable on the new network. There isn’t an aspect of your life 5G won’t have an impact on, and you can rest assured it is only the beginning.