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CCA and CTIA Praise Legislation Aimed at Digital Divide

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) and the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA)

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Huawei is Testing Biden Early

The United States is under a much different administration than it was when the ban on Huawei began. Now, the Chinese

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DISH Wireless to Leverage Aviat Networks for its 5G Network Build

DISH Wireless announces exciting partnership with Aviat Networks as the Colorado-based company continues to build out its standalone 5G network.

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Verizon's 5G Network May Not Be Faster Than Its 4G Network

Verizon’s 5G Network May Not Be Faster Than Its 4G Network

For those using Verizon’s 5G network, you may see slower speeds than its 4G LTE network and better off just disabling 5G on your phone for now.

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How The Incoming Presidential Administration Will Affect 5G Development

2020 has proven to be a great year for 5G, but some worry that the incoming Biden administration may hinder 5G development, but most experts don’t agree.

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DISH Network Successfully Integrated & Validated End-to-End 5G Connections

DISH Network successfully integrated and validated end-to-end 5G connections using the industry’s first O-RAN compliant FDD radio, developed by MTI.

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5G emblem on an iPhone

New Data Suggests Lack of 5G iPhones on Market is Why 5G Adoption Has Been Slow

Apple has struggled to launch its first 5G capable iPhone so far this year. In a year rattled by the COVID-19 pandemic, it should come as no surprise that the wireless industry was affected greatly.

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Apple’s iPhone 12 Launch Event: What You Need To Know

Get the full breakdown of everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 12 event on 5Ginsider.

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A nurse training on a 5G device.

T-Mobile and the University of Kansas Are Helping Nurses Through the Use of 5G

T-Mobile is collaborating with students at the University of Kansas to help better train nurses using technology and overcoming the obstacles that come with social distancing.

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A graphic depicting fast downloads

T-Mobile and Ericsson Hits Impressive 5,600 Mbps Download Speeds During 5G Demo

Using 16-layer multi-user multi-input multi-output (MU-MIMO) technology, T-Mobile and Ericsson were capable of reaching cell throughput that peaked at 5,600 Mbps.

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A Casa Systems webpage

Breakthroughs With 5G, Fixed Wireless From Casa Systems

The 5G pioneer company from Massachusetts, Casa Systems, is looking to take the future of fixed wireless networks to the next level.

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A Samsung storefront.

Samsung and Verizon’s New Deal Well Worth Over $6 Billion

The largest manufacturer of electronics in South Korea has signed a network deal valuing $6.65 billion with Verizon. The deal will position Samsung to supply radio equipment and services through the year 2025.

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Cell towers and radios for 5G

More Mid-band Spectrum on the Table for FCC Meeting

The FCC is holding an open meeting on September 30th and will look to move forward with opening up more mid-band spectrum for auction.

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Executives shaking hands.

DISH Network Continues to Build its Wireless Team

The satellite TV giant turned wireless provider is continuing this trend with its two new executive hires, Craig Sparks and Steve Becker. The hires occurred in June and will work on a team reporting to Executive Vice President Stephen Bye.

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Oilfield equipment in Loving, TX

Why is Loving, TX Becoming a 5G Hotbed?

The latest generation of wireless relies on many towers and established infrastructure to work at its best and the beginning of its life cycle, expect to see 5G in urbanized, dense marketplaces. So, this begs the question: what in the world is Loving, Texas doing as one of the most hotly contested areas for the rights to 5G spectrum licenses?

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A tablet on a teacher's desk in a classroom.

Education is Getting a Boost Thanks to T-Mobile

T-Mobile is committed to spend the next five years spending $10 billion to help provide 10 million underserved homes with quality Internet access.

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A pile of hundred dollar bills.

The CBRS 3.5 GHz Auction Concludes, Raises Over $4.5 Billion

The demand for mid-band spectrum is growing and the U.S. government is starting to recognize the need to unleash more of the spectrum to become available for commercial usage.

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Huawei and ZTE logos with the Chinese and American flags

Huawei, ZTE Feeling Washington’s Sanctions

Evidence that these hindrances are coming into play is being seen as both Huawei and ZTE are slowing installations of 5G base stations to increase 5G coverage throughout the country due to a lack of access to the components needed to complete the job.

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The front of an AT&T store.

AT&T, DT, and Others Welcome 5G SD-RAN Project

The Software Defined Radio Access Network (SD-RAN) project is underway thanks to its creation by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF).

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COVID-19 graph

COVID-19 is Hindering the Progress of Our Emergency Services

der normal circumstances it can be difficult for field technicians to gain access to begin with. The pandemic and outbreaks that come with it continue to add to this challenge.

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President Donald Trump

5G a Priority for Trump in Second Term

The Trump campaign released several of Trump’s goals should he be re-elected for a second term. For the world of wireless one stands out in particular: “Win the Race to 5G and Establish a National High-Speed Wireless Internet Network.”

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Verizon & DISH Dominate at CBRS Auction

The latest CBRS auction was a huge success with over $2 billion raised. Top spenders included Verizon, DISH Network, and many top-cable companies.

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Slow 5G speeds on a smartphone.

U.S. 5G Speeds are Lagging

Opensignal has the United States ranked 12th when it comes to download speeds with some metrics putting them dead last at 50.9 Mbps.

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Testing 5G signals

Successful 5G Testing at 2.5 GHz for Qualcomm, Ericsson

The test took place in July in a lab located in Beijing using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60 Modem-RF system and infrastructure from Ericsson. This test could be the first successful one of its kind in TDD 2.5 GHz band.

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John Deere Machinery in a field

John Deere Has Big Plans for 5G

Instead of worrying about the percentage of a particular wireless market being covered or the number of wireless customers in a given region, John Deere is looking to keep a different audience covered with the fastest wireless speeds available, crops.

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5G throughout a major U.S. city

DISH and Matrixx Software Are Teaming Up

Its partnership with Matrixx Software will allow these capabilities to come to life. DISH is looking to use dynamic pricing models for upcoming wireless services, particularly as it looks to package its 5G services in the form of network slices.

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U.S. government building

The U.S. Government is Clearing Mid-band 5G Spectrum

Mid-band 5G spectrum between 3.45-3.55 GHz is becoming available as the U.S. government releases 100-megahertz for commercial applications. There are some issues with the release of that spectrum because it involves military operations and national defense.

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Verizon Wireless store front with 5G phones.

Verizon Dominating the Market for 5G Phones

Of the millions of 5G devices sold to date, Verizon has sold around 54% of them. The data was compiled from a database made of almost 10,000 wireless stores’ point-of-sale records. The 2.2 million phones are an enormous lead over second-place contender AT&T who pales in comparison with only 629,000 5G phones sold.

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5G graphic representing CBRS spectrum band.

CBRS Band in High Demand at FCC Auction

With expectations of the market for 5G looking to reach trillions of dollars worldwide, and the shared Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) band to benefit the commercial sector of 5G heavily, it’s no wonder that bidding is reaching such heights early on as this emerging technology is unleashed for the next generation.

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Amazon logo outside of a store.

Amazon May Play a Bigger Role in 5G

The king of online marketplaces has come a long way from being a virtual bookstore and continues to diversify its many business functions. With this approval, Amazon may have a unique opportunity to not only provide Internet as it sees fit, but to also play a role in the development of 5G in America, and around the world.

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