DISH and Matrixx Software Are Teaming Up

5G throughout a major U.S. city

Dynamic pricing is being looked at by DISH as a way to generate revenue from its 5G spectrum. Its partnership with Matrixx Software will allow these capabilities to come to life. DISH is looking to use dynamic pricing models for upcoming wireless services, particularly as it looks to package its 5G services in the form of network slices.

Network slicing is when parts of a wireless network are provided by operators for a specific use. Selling wireless spectrum wholesale could be a tremendous opportunity for DISH Wireless as it looks to turn its sizable collection of spectrum rights into a revenue stream. Matrixx’s converged charging system will provide the framework for DISH to execute its dynamic pricing ambitions. According to a statement released by DISH, “Matrixx’s solution will help unlock the intrinsic value of our 5G network by scaling on demand and enabling dynamic pricing for network slices and other services.” DISH’s Chief Information Officer, Attila Tinic continued, “We are proud to have a partner with the proven ability to deliver a modern CCS solution for 5G that will give us the commercial and operational agility to constantly iterate our offerings and grow our wireless business.”

The partnership of DISH and Matrixx Software is one of a growing list of companies it has begun to work with to optimize its wireless division. DISH is building its 5G network which will look to complete fully in at least one market by the end of this year. After purchasing Boost Mobile from Sprint as a part of the dealings involving the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, DISH will look to provide 5G coverage to at least 70% of the United States by June of 2023, or it will face a multi-billion dollar fine from the government. The functions that Matrixx Software is bringing to DISH will help it manage its dealings with other vendors as well as set up its future in network slicing.

Dynamic pricing will present unique opportunities for DISH and those it does business with. DISH will be capable of changing the price throughout the day and is expected to be used with DISH’s growing AI and automation capabilities. Pricing updates would be updated using automation through a cloud-native, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline from Matrixx Software.

Glo Gordon, the CEO of Matrixx Software praised the move highlighting the value this unique model will bring. “With our unique platform, Matrixx will provide Dish with a powerful competitive advantage in both the offerings they bring to market and the superior experience they deliver to their customers,” she said. “Our mission is to provide the industry’s premier 5G charging platform that gives service providers the operational agility to automate and hyper-scale offerings at web-speed.”

Source: Fierce Wireless