Nokia Is Helping 4G Customers Transition to 5G

Nokia Building Front

Nokia customers are being provided with a software upgrade that will eliminate the need for a site visit all while transitioning LTE radios to 5G NR. This upgrade is being built around the idea of using refarmed 4G spectrum and developing features that make it easier for customers with Nokia’s LTE Frequency Division Duplex RF units to transition to the next generation. 

Tommi Uitto, the President of Mobile Networks for Nokia said, “We already provide market-leading LTE radios to hundreds of customers around the world. This is an important solution because it will help our customers, quickly and efficiently upgrade their existing LTE radios so that they are 5G ready saving them time and money.” With over 300 potential customers who qualify and a total of 5 million radios that could benefit by 2021, this could be a monumental step on creating a seamless, easy transition for many into the world of 5G.

The move doesn’t only save on time and headaches but will also help save customers money; a move that is coming at the perfect time for many as companies continue to navigate a disrupted economy due to the coronavirus pandemic. Tens of billions of dollars will be saved throughout the telecom industry.

Finland’s telecommunication leader stated in a press release that “the next big wave of 5G /NR rollouts will be delivered by refarming existing FDD bands to 5G/NR.” Nokia is also expected to continue delivering solutions through its dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) software for 4G and 5G that came about earlier in 2020 and has also been used on 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies. 5G bands classify as one of three different levels, each serving a purpose in terms of speeds and transmitting signals. Major wireless carriers such as AT&T and Verizon use DSS to help carriers transmit via low-band spectrum on 5G. Verizon has already completed DSS trials using Nokia as a vendor earlier this Summer.

This solution comes at a time of mixed circumstances for Nokia. The wireless vendor has seen a recent CEO change, lay-offs, and the potential to lose out on working with Verizon in recent times; with that said, they have also successfully held tests in major U.S. markets and look to be continuing this success with other cost-effective solutions. Nokia will look to push onward and continue its innovation and collaboration with major wireless brands.

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Source:Fierce Wireless