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5G expanding throughout a city.

U.S. Cellular Continues to Expand its 5G Network

Iowa and Wisconsin will soon be joined by 11 additional states as U.S. Cellular is expanding its 5G operations throughout the country to new markets.

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The outside of a U.S. Cellular building.

U.S. Cellular Chooses Ericsson as 5G Supplier

Wireless carrier U.S. Cellular continues to push forward with its plans to provide a nationwide 5G network to consumers, and taking a large step towards realizing those ambitions, the telecommunications company is partnering with Ericsson as its supplier of equipment to deploy 24, 28, and 39 GHz (mmWave).

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Nokia Building Front

Nokia Is Helping 4G Customers Transition to 5G

Nokia customers are being provided with a software upgrade that will eliminate the need for a site visit all while transitioning LTE radios to 5G NR.

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A SpaceX facility.

SpaceX and the Space Force Have Launched

After much anticipation and a bit of a delay, SpaceX has launched into space for a historic first mission for America’s newest branch of its military, the U.S. Space Force.

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5G logo

Questions Grow Along With Demand for 12 GHz

Organizations are applying pressure on the FCC to open a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), a public notice focusing on analyzing and answering the questions organizations are presenting to the FCC in the hopes of reaching a different decision about the handling of the 12 GHz band within the United States.

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UK Will Phase Out Huawei Equipment for 5G Networks by 2027

In January of 2020, the UK announced that it would allow Huawei’s equipment to be used in the country’s 5G […]

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China Expands its 5G in Beijing and Nationwide

The numbers coming from China are remarkable as its capital city is now home to almost 22,000 5G base stations […]

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Wireless Industry Facing More Lay-offs as Nokia Cuts Jobs

Nokia is preparing to cut costs and jobs in France with over 1,200 jobs soon to be eliminated by the […]

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Nokia Delivers Impressive Results as it Tests C-Band in Dallas

Through its commercial 5G AirScale portfolio using 3.75 GHz, Nokia was able to reach download speeds faster than 1,000 Mbps […]

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A scale of AT&T's nationwide 5G coverage

AT&T Plans Nationwide 5G by End of 2020

As of June 2020, AT&T has covered more than 160 million people with its 5G network with its goal to offer nationwide coverage by the end of the year.

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Qualcomm logo helping mid-tier 5G devices be developed.

Qualcomm Will Help Usher In Mid-Tier 5G Devices

The Snapdragon 690 processor was released by Qualcomm and with it, a major step towards mid-tier 5G smartphones becoming available was taken.

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Huawei logo and American flag

Huawei Well-Positioned Even as it Feuds With America

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump along with others have had rising concerns about the Chinese powerhouse. Still, Huawei is preparing to overcome these obstacles on the global market.

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Layoffs Hit the Wireless Industry

T-Mobile and AT&T employees are both experiencing layoffs during the Summer of 2020.

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Twitter Will Add Fact-Checking Labels to 5G Conspiracy Tweets Surrounding the Coronavirus

Twitter is finally weighing in on the latest conspiracy theory that 5G caused the coronavirus pandemic. The social media platform […]

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DISH Will Finalize Boost Mobile Deal By July 1st

After months of speculation and some small delays, Boost Mobile will be purchased by DISH Network. What has been months […]

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T-Mobile Hit With Nationwide Outage

On Monday, June 15th it appears T-Mobile experienced a major outage that affected thousands of their customers. Customers weren’t able […]

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Concerns Surround Weather Forecasts and 5G Networks

Though 5G promises to usher in a new era of technological breakthroughs, scientific communities are concerned with a possible decrease […]

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US Army Will Invest in 5G

As 5G begins to become a prominent part of our future, the US Defense Department is looking into expanding areas […]

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Companies Across the World Take on 5G Differently

The future of communications is through 5G networks, and while many companies worldwide work to be a part of it, […]

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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 768G Brings 5G to Gaming

Built for gaming, the Snapdragon 786G is designed to maximize mobile gaming experiences through 5G networks. A world leader in […]

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Huawei Fires Back as Chinese-U.S. Tensions Rise

The United States has had major security concerns about Huawei’s role in implementing 5G and has banned it from assisting […]

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How 5G Will Reshape Education

Students of the not-so-distant future will be capable of accessing a much more flexible education in many ways thanks to […]

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T-Mobile Told to Stop Claiming 5G Service Reliability Over Competitors

T-Mobile Moves Along With $60 Billion 5G Buildout

Over the next 5 years, T-Mobile has plans to expand its 5G network. With the acquisition of Sprint, the network […]

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The Czech Government Agrees With The U.S. on 5G Security

The Czech Government Agrees With The U.S. on 5G Security Pressure continues to mount on China as the United States […]

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Broadband Usage Jumps 47% in Q1 Due to Pandemic

While it’s no surprise to some, the COVID-19 pandemic has everyone using the internet more than usual between streaming more […]

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How 5G Is Leading The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The world is finally getting 5G and it could not be a more exciting time for technology. 5G boasts average […]

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Sprint And T-Mobile Begin Combining 5G Networks

Now that the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile is official as of April 2020, the two companies have wasted no […]

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Why The Coronavirus May Bring 5G Faster

Before the world was consumed with the COVID-19 pandemic, there was other controversial news making headlines around the world. There […]

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Trump Signs Two New Laws To Boost 5G Security & Availability

In March 2020, President Trump signed the Secure 5G and Beyond Act and the Broadband Deployment Accuracy and Technological Availability […]

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5G is Coming, Is Anyone Even Excited?

Have you heard of 5G? Are you excited about it? According to a recent survey, about 68% of consumers aren’t […]

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