What 5G devices are available?

Each carrier offers just a handful of 5G capable phones, and some to just business customers. Expect the number of 5G capable devices to grow quickly as network access expands.

Is 5G just for phones?

We will see 5G in many more devices and across different industries, including automotive, robotics and medical. We’ll see advancements in areas that require fast connection speeds and low latency, such as gaming, AR and VR.

Will my 4G device work on a 5G network?

Unless your device has been built with 5G capabilities, you’ll have to upgrade all of your devices to have 5G compatibility.

When is Apple going to offer a 5G capable iPhone?

The iPhone 12 was released in October 2020 as the first iPhone to have 5G connectivity. As of March 2022, Apple has also released a budget-friendly iPhone SE with 5G capability.