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AT&T Wants The Biden Administration to Remember 5G for Infrastructure Upgrades

Over $100 billion for the telecommunications industry is what is expected to be up for grabs, but there is a lot of debate on how this money should be distributed.

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A landscape photo of rural America.

Rural Markets Are Benefiting From T-Mobile’s 5G the Most

At the launch of T-Mobile’s SA 5G network, availability for 5G was at 26.9% for urban users and 24.5% for rural users. Now, rural subscribers are seeing availability reach 33.3% with urban markets experiencing an increase to 31.5%. Rural markets are also connecting to the SA network at a rate of 5.9% of the time as compared to urban markets which reach 3.7% at their peak.

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A data center for edge computing and 5G

How Can Edge Computing and 5G Make it Work?

Overall, edge computing helps networks thrive and survive. The concept and the practice are interlocked with 5G and vice versa; however, the business models between these emerging technologies are still fumbling to figure out how each will coexist.

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A vector of incredible 5G speeds

5G Hits Over 5,000 Mbps for the First Time on a Single Device

Testing conducted by Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Verizon was capable of hitting download speeds of over 5,000 Mbps.

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5G graphic showing mmWave spectrum

What is mmWave Spectrum?

5G uses a range of spectrum bands but with mmWave, you see the highest speeds that 5G has to offer. By using high-band, also called mmWave spectrum, carriers can transmit more data, faster, and without latency.

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A graphic of a home using 5G fixed wireless.

Will 5G Replace Home Broadband?

5G is positioning homes and businesses with the opportunity to have download speeds through fixed wireless technology that rivals or surpasses their current networks.

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A graphic depicting fast downloads

T-Mobile and Ericsson Hits Impressive 5,600 Mbps Download Speeds During 5G Demo

Using 16-layer multi-user multi-input multi-output (MU-MIMO) technology, T-Mobile and Ericsson were capable of reaching cell throughput that peaked at 5,600 Mbps.

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A graphic illustrating 5G speed

What is the Speed of 5G?

The reach of 5G is extending to the apps we enjoy, games we play, and the way we function through innovative ideas such as self-driving cars. The fastest speeds can be achieved on 5G’s highest level of spectrum.

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