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Betacom is the Latest to Jump Into Privatized 5G

After securing funds over the last few years in the San Francisco and Seattle markets, Betacom moved its headquarters from Tampa, Florida to Bellevue, Washington building a new team to increase its revenue from $35 million to around $100 million annually.

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The South Rim of the Grand Canyon

5G…Coming to a National Park Near You?

AccessParks is a specialized Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is providing the U.S. National Park Service with connections in underserved areas and will implement FreedomFi’s turnkey private LTE/5G solution which has usually been used for enterprises to bring connections to park visitors.

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A pile of hundred dollar bills.

The CBRS 3.5 GHz Auction Concludes, Raises Over $4.5 Billion

The demand for mid-band spectrum is growing and the U.S. government is starting to recognize the need to unleash more of the spectrum to become available for commercial usage.

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5G graphic representing CBRS spectrum band.

CBRS Band in High Demand at FCC Auction

With expectations of the market for 5G looking to reach trillions of dollars worldwide, and the shared Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) band to benefit the commercial sector of 5G heavily, it’s no wonder that bidding is reaching such heights early on as this emerging technology is unleashed for the next generation.

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