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The outside of Intel's Santa Clara headquarters.

Chipset Shortage Is an Opportunity for Intel

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger believes that the current chipset shortage won’t be over for a few more years. Gelsinger is […]

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The U.S. Senate

The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 Passes the U.S. Senate

The measure will allow American firms to develop more chipsets, a sector hindered by ongoing health and political obstacles, as well as compete and win in a global market against the likes of China and others.

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A man holding a semiconductor

The FCC is Looking to Better Understand the Chip Shortage

Many questions are being asked by the FCC involving a wide range of topics. Inquiries are being made to discuss whether or not the communications sector is affected by the shortage and which specific segments of this market, why supply is being affected, and which specific semiconductor technology nodes are being impacted.

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a microchip

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X65 is Bringing 10 Gbps Speeds to 5G

The Snapdragon X65 is a flexible chipset which is one of its most intriguing features. Capable of adding Rel-16 features via upgrades as they become available. This allows for a more custom experience and development among 5G segments.

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A vector of a chipset

EdgeQ is Looking to Shake Up the Chip Industry

A company living in secrecy, EdgeQ is finally ready to begin sharing with the world what it is about and how it plans to compete in an insanely competitive market.

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The outside of a Huawei building.

The U.S. Continues to Affect Huawei With Measures Taken Against SMIC

The move is a continuation to add additional pressure to SMIC and other Chinese companies as in November 2021, the U.S. government told American investors to divest themselves before November 11, 2021, in “any Communist Chinese military company.”

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