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Huawei logo on a smartphone with the American and Chinese flags

Huawei’s H1 Revenues are Reeling From American Sanctions

Security concerns are at the center of the Huawei-U.S. divide. Many fear that the Chinese government could push for sensitive information from Huawei.

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M2M Communication is Spreading Thanks to 5G and the IoT

Imagine a world where machines have a mind of their own and can communicate with one another independently from human […]

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Verizon storefront

Verizon and BlackBerry are Investing in SAM Seamless Networks

Homes and businesses without someone dedicated to preventing and identifying such threats are at the highest risk. Especially places with more and more connected devices such as smart thermostats. SAM also reported seeing an increase in attacks by 12% as more and more people are working at home during the pandemic.

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A vector of cybersecurity

The CTIA is Adamant That the 5G Industry is Already Enhancing Cybersecurity

By working with so many industry leaders and government organizations, the 5G industry can best serve not only the carriers and vendors that make these networks possible but society at large.

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DISH Wireless and Nokia to Collab on 5G Network Slicing

Nokia’s NetGuard Security suite will be offered through slice-specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and will provide security features for its subscribers.

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New Bundle From Boost Mobile Focuses on Privacy

Known as the Privacy Premium, subscribers with Androids that have data plans on Boost Mobile’s Expanded Data Network are eligible for the bundle.

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The FCC is Going to Spend Almost $2 Billion to Replace Huawei and ZTE

With almost $2 billion on the table, the move is a definitive statement by the FCC that shows its intent is less about rhetoric and more about action.

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