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A Samsung storefront.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Supports 5G Carrier Aggregation

The Galaxy S21 will take advantage of low and mid-band 5G spectrum, particularly, for T-Mobile customers.

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5G network tower

Commercial 5G Network Slicing is Here

As companies continue to look for ways to generate revenue from 5G still in its early stages, Ericsson is hoping that 5G network slicing will provide an avenue to do so in a variety of industries.

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The front of a Nokia building

Ed Cholerton Will Lead Nokia’s North American Operations

The position will be undergoing a bit of a restructure as well. Whereas Corker was in charge of all of the Americas, the new role that Cholerton will play from Nokia’s North American headquarters in Dallas, Texas, will be focused solely on the United States and Canada.

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The FCC’s NPRM on 12 GHz Would Benefit DISH Wireless

In his final weeks, Pai has circulated a draft Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) aimed at opening the discussion to provide a pathway for mobile usage within the 12 GHz band.

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Prepaid calling cards

Prepaid Had a Huge Year in 2020, Will it Continue in 2021?

Prepaid saw a boost in part due to the conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift in how major wireless will look for the foreseeable future.

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A graphic of 5G networks

Types of 5G Networks

Each network and approach is different as 5G requires many moving parts to make a complete network. We can see this evidence by the fact that each brand will connect users to 5G but not all experiences are the same.

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2020 Review Graphic

2020 Review: What Happened With 5G

5G is continuing to spread throughout the United States and the world breaking barriers and connecting us in new and exciting ways. Take a look at some of the biggest stories we followed this year as we get ready to usher in 2021.

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2021 5G graphic

The 2020 Battle Over 5G Will Only Get Bigger in 2021

Americans are finally seeing tangible improvements and expansions of 5G networks which means we will continue to see competition among these carriers.

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RCS Messaging vector

DISH Wireless and Mavenir Collab Again for RCS Messaging Capabilities

This is just the latest in what has become a huge year for adding vendors to its roster for DISH Wireless with Mavenir being the first to join for its software capabilities in April. The move to use more of the capabilities that Mavenir has to offer is also telling of how vendor relationships could go for DISH Wireless and its partners.

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DISH Wireless DEs Denied by FCC

Although not a complete surprise, two DEs (designated entities) with controlling ties to DISH Wireless have been determined to be ineligible for the $3.3 billion of bidding credits for the AWS-3 auction.

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Department of Defense logo on a 5G device

DISH Wireless Offers Network Slice to the DoD, Still Opposes Nationalized 5G Network

DISH has been vocal about its opposition to the DoD’s nationalized 5G network proposal and believes that providing a network slice would be a win-win situation for both parties and the wireless industry as a whole.

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DISH Wireless 5G tower

DISH Wireless is Adding Hansen Technologies as a Vendor

Hailing from Australia, Hansen will be catalog-driven software solutions to DISH Wireless’s 5G network.

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SBA Communications logo on a website

Still Awaiting C-band, DISH Wireless Boost, SBA Finds Growth Through T-Mobile

SBA Communications is reporting success thanks to the increase in business from the T-Mobile-Sprint merger.

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A vector of 5G powered by Intel

DISH Wireless is Working With Intel on its vRAN Capabilities

Intel will be bringing its Intel Ethernet 800 Series network adapter, Intel’s FlexRAN software reference architecture, the Intel vRAN Dedicated Accelerator ACC100, and Intel Xeon Scalable Processor to bolster the future 5G network of DISH Wireless and the capabilities or its vendors.

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A couple enjoying low data plans from Boost Mobile

Boost is Offering Low Data Plans for $10 a Month

Customers have until December 31, 2020, and can purchase plans offering unlimited talking and text with 2 GB of data. You can purchase 2 additional GBs for $5 extra.

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DISH Network on a smartphone

DISH Executive Sees Opportunity in Verizon, TracFone Deal

Despite Verizon’s deal to have them purchase the largest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the country, Stephen Stokols, the Executive Vice President of Boost Mobile that DISH appointed after purchasing the company, is loving what he sees.

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An image visualizing automation

DISH is Adding Blue Planet’s Software for Automation in Wireless

A division of the telecommunications company Ciena from Hanover, Maryland, Blue Planet is bringing its software automation that will allow DISH real-time management of inventory, on-demand provisioning, and assist in quicker customer network slices.

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5G tower over a city

DISH is Leasing 600 MHz to T-Mobile

As more and more Americans found themselves at home for work, school, and well, everything else this year, wireless companies have found themselves scrambling for spectrum to handle the extra demand. DISH has become a solution for some.

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Nokia Chosen by DISH Network as Latest Vendor for 5G Network

Nokia will be assisting DISH as it grows its wireless division and creates a 5G standalone (SA) nationwide network.

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A Casa Systems webpage

Breakthroughs With 5G, Fixed Wireless From Casa Systems

The 5G pioneer company from Massachusetts, Casa Systems, is looking to take the future of fixed wireless networks to the next level.

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Executives shaking hands.

DISH Network Continues to Build its Wireless Team

The satellite TV giant turned wireless provider is continuing this trend with its two new executive hires, Craig Sparks and Steve Becker. The hires occurred in June and will work on a team reporting to Executive Vice President Stephen Bye.

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Oilfield equipment in Loving, TX

Why is Loving, TX Becoming a 5G Hotbed?

The latest generation of wireless relies on many towers and established infrastructure to work at its best and the beginning of its life cycle, expect to see 5G in urbanized, dense marketplaces. So, this begs the question: what in the world is Loving, Texas doing as one of the most hotly contested areas for the rights to 5G spectrum licenses?

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Verizon & DISH Dominate at CBRS Auction

The latest CBRS auction was a huge success with over $2 billion raised. Top spenders included Verizon, DISH Network, and many top-cable companies.

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5G throughout a major U.S. city

DISH and Matrixx Software Are Teaming Up

Its partnership with Matrixx Software will allow these capabilities to come to life. DISH is looking to use dynamic pricing models for upcoming wireless services, particularly as it looks to package its 5G services in the form of network slices.

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Amazon logo outside of a store.

Amazon May Play a Bigger Role in 5G

The king of online marketplaces has come a long way from being a virtual bookstore and continues to diversify its many business functions. With this approval, Amazon may have a unique opportunity to not only provide Internet as it sees fit, but to also play a role in the development of 5G in America, and around the world.

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Fixed wireless 5G tower from DISH Wireless

DISH Could Become a Major Player in Fixed Wireless

For years, DISH has been silently positioning itself to not only have 5G capabilities but to enter the world of fixed wireless.

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The outside of a VMware building.

DISH and VMware to Partner for 5G Network

VMware has been selected by DISH Wireless to assist in building its 5G standalone network.

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A 5G technician hired by DISH Wireless.

DISH Wireless is Building its Workforce

The fourth major player in U.S. wireless is hiring hundreds of new employees throughout a variety of divisions including technicians, retail managers, and many other positions.

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