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Chicago, Houston, and Phoenix All Received 5G MEC From Verizon and AWS

Moving AWS compute and storage services to the edge of Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network eliminates latency for developers.

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5G Startups Benefit From T-Mobile Ventures

T-Mobile was the first major wireless carrier in America to provide a nationwide 5G network. Now that its 5G network […]

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Dell Technologies Will Assist DISH on 5G Network

The goal of the collaboration between DISH Wireless and Dell is to improve edge computing capabilities which will help in the way DISH is deploying its 5G network.

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Google Cloud is Filling the Demand by 5G/MEC Providers

A division of parent company Alphabet, Google Cloud is working on solutions for telcos that they can not only use for themselves but take those solutions and sell them to their own customers.

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New Service Enablement Platform From Nokia Taking Advantage of O-RAN, MEC

The platform will use two main components: a near real-time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and multi-access edge compute (MEC). This O-RAN compliant RIC that is also cloud-native will run edge and share infrastructure with Cloud RAN and other virtualized network functions by using Nokia’s AirFrame servers.

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DARPA is Working With the Linux Foundation on 5G Project

The project will focus on developing open-source technology for use within the United States government and will use secure 5G network software and applications.

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Verizon Business & Zyter Are Improving Venues With 5G and IoT

Everything from the fan experience, basic communication, health, safety, and much more are on the table for 5G to improve how we enjoy live events and Verizon Business is collaborating with Zyter to help bring these functions to life.

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Verizon 5G

Verizon is Expanding and Testing Exciting Technologies

Verizon will be expanding its 5G MEC with AWS throughout many additional cities this year with the company expecting to see real revenues pour in no earlier than 2022. The partnership seen between Verizon and AWS is different from other partnerships seen by Verizon in that it is focusing on creating wide zone area MEC zones.

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A woman working from home using cloud computing

Working From Home to Push Cloud Computing in 2021

Not only is the prediction for an increase in spending, but Deloitte is expecting seven times more spending in cloud computing than information technology (IT) .

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The outside of an Deloitte building

Verizon and Deloitte are Collaborating on 5G and Mobile Edge Computing Solutions

By combining forces, the goal will be to bring together the best of each companies’ capabilities to create these innovative solutions and increase the function of enterprises throughout both sectors.

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Samsung and IBM Are Delivering Edge Computing, Cloud, and 5G Solutions

The execution of this collaboration will be to utilize Samsung Galaxy 5G devices and end-to-end enterprise network solutions with various solutions from IBM including its edge computing, hybrid cloud, and network expertise/management.

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A data center for edge computing and 5G

How Can Edge Computing and 5G Make it Work?

Overall, edge computing helps networks thrive and survive. The concept and the practice are interlocked with 5G and vice versa; however, the business models between these emerging technologies are still fumbling to figure out how each will coexist.

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A fleet for the USPS.

The USPS Wants to Help Deploy 5G Networks

Currently, there are over 31,000 Postal Service facilities across the country. 5G will require thousands upon thousands of sites working together to deliver the next generation of wireless communication.

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