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5G cloud vector

New 5G Cloud RAN Capabilities From Ericsson are Making a Buzz

On top of these developments, the Swedish-based wireless vendor is also introducing its new Cloud Link software.

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Ericsson is Offering a Private 5G Suite

Ericsson is looking to differentiate itself from the competition by providing entities with a network that is not only easy to deploy, set up only takes a few hours, but is also easy to manage.

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Verizon sign

Verizon Records 4.3 Gbps During C-band Trials

The trials are part of Verizon’s tests with C-band that were granted thanks to a special temporary authorization from the FCC.

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Ericsson logo on a flag

Ericsson is Leading By Example Using 5G in its Factory in Lewisville, TX

The new factory began producing Ericsson’s Street Macro mmWave 5G product in February and now that same product is helping the company run its operations.

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Ericsson on a smart phone

Ericsson is Claiming Samsung is Infringing on its Patents

Ericsson has taken issue with its colleagues from South Korea, claiming that some of its patents were infringed upon by Samsung.

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5G network tower

Commercial 5G Network Slicing is Here

As companies continue to look for ways to generate revenue from 5G still in its early stages, Ericsson is hoping that 5G network slicing will provide an avenue to do so in a variety of industries.

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Joe Biden at a podium

Ericsson CEO Lobbied to Overturn Huawei Ban, Will Joe Biden’s Administration do the Same?

The events in Sweden begs the question: Will President-elect Joe Biden reverse course on Chinese telecom firms?

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Ericsson sign

Ericsson Purchases Cradlepoint to Improve its Enterprise Network Capabilities

Excitement is in the air as Ericsson’s CEO Börje Ekholm is expecting Cradlepoint to be a “key building block” going forward for the overall strategy in the world of enterprise and creating new business.

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A vector of incredible 5G speeds

5G Hits Over 5,000 Mbps for the First Time on a Single Device

Testing conducted by Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Verizon was capable of hitting download speeds of over 5,000 Mbps.

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Engineer testing C-band spectrum

U.S. Cellular, Ericsson, and Nokia are Looking to Test C-band Capabilities

Testing is an important part of any network and as 5G continues to grow in the States and abroad, more and more carriers and vendors are pushing what their abilities in wireless are.

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A graphic depicting fast downloads

T-Mobile and Ericsson Hits Impressive 5,600 Mbps Download Speeds During 5G Demo

Using 16-layer multi-user multi-input multi-output (MU-MIMO) technology, T-Mobile and Ericsson were capable of reaching cell throughput that peaked at 5,600 Mbps.

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Ericsson logo on a building.

North Texas is Developing and Testing 5G Capabilities

The Ericsson Village, home to the U.S. headquarters of the Swedish telecom giant, is one of several campuses connected to its end-to-end 5G network along with its research center, Richardson Labs for analyzing functions and other experiments.

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Testing 5G signals

Successful 5G Testing at 2.5 GHz for Qualcomm, Ericsson

The test took place in July in a lab located in Beijing using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60 Modem-RF system and infrastructure from Ericsson. This test could be the first successful one of its kind in TDD 2.5 GHz band.

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The outside of a U.S. Cellular building.

U.S. Cellular Chooses Ericsson as 5G Supplier

Wireless carrier U.S. Cellular continues to push forward with its plans to provide a nationwide 5G network to consumers, and taking a large step towards realizing those ambitions, the telecommunications company is partnering with Ericsson as its supplier of equipment to deploy 24, 28, and 39 GHz (mmWave).

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Verizon advertisement for its standalone 5G wireless network.

Verizon Sees Success With 5G Standalone Technology

From the findings Verizon has found from testing a network that does not use 4G LTE, it will begin building the standalone network later this year.

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