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Huawei logo on a smartphone with the American and Chinese flags

Huawei’s H1 Revenues are Reeling From American Sanctions

Security concerns are at the center of the Huawei-U.S. divide. Many fear that the Chinese government could push for sensitive information from Huawei.

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Mid-band 5G Spectrum Affected by Infrastructure Bill

There is $1 trillion to consider under the overall broadband portion of the bill and The Senate will need to sift through this massive 2,700-page document to determine how it will be applied.

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Public Knowledge is Now Supporting DISH Wireless

Both DISH Wireless and Public Knowledge find themselves as some of the 20+ members of the 5G for the 12 GHz Coalition. The goal of the coalition is to see to it that the FCC modifies the rules surrounding the 12 GHz band of spectrum to allow two-way communication.

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A vector of cybersecurity

The CTIA is Adamant That the 5G Industry is Already Enhancing Cybersecurity

By working with so many industry leaders and government organizations, the 5G industry can best serve not only the carriers and vendors that make these networks possible but society at large.

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Boost Mobile is Providing Free Broadband to Subscribers

Qualifying Boost Mobile subscribers will be able to access high-speed broadband for free thanks to Boost Mobile and the FCC’s EBB program.

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A man holding a semiconductor

The FCC is Looking to Better Understand the Chip Shortage

Many questions are being asked by the FCC involving a wide range of topics. Inquiries are being made to discuss whether or not the communications sector is affected by the shortage and which specific segments of this market, why supply is being affected, and which specific semiconductor technology nodes are being impacted.

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Huawei storefront

Huawei Seeing Impact From Sanctions in Q1 2021

Beginning in May 2019, the United States added Huawei to its Entity List which meant that the company could not purchase parts from U.S. companies without a license from the government granting permission.

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12 GHz 5G vector

Companies Are Pushing the FCC to Change the Rules Surrounding 12 GHz

In January 2021, the FCC unanimously voted to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) looking for comments on how to get better use out of the 12 GHz band. The NPRM was seeking to get more out of the band while also protecting incumbents.

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More Drama Between The FCC and China

This is far from the beginning of the U.S. conflicting with China over telecommunication policies. As politics in the United States continue to feel more divided and polarized, protecting American telecommunications from potential security concerns springing from Chinese entities is one of few areas in which receive bipartisan support.

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The FCC is Going to Spend Almost $2 Billion to Replace Huawei and ZTE

With almost $2 billion on the table, the move is a definitive statement by the FCC that shows its intent is less about rhetoric and more about action.

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An hourglass representing time

TracFone Purchase Receiving Additional Review Time Despite Verizon’s Request

There is concern that the acquisition by Verizon could have negative repercussions on the program with calls for conditions being attached to the deal that would protect customers who rely on Lifeline.

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President Joe Biden

Biden Appoints the First Female Leader of the FCC

Jessica Rosenworcel is making history as the first female leader of the Federal Communications Commission as newly elected President Joe Biden appointed her to the role of acting Chairwoman.

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The FCC’s NPRM on 12 GHz Would Benefit DISH Wireless

In his final weeks, Pai has circulated a draft Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) aimed at opening the discussion to provide a pathway for mobile usage within the 12 GHz band.

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DISH Wireless DEs Denied by FCC

Although not a complete surprise, two DEs (designated entities) with controlling ties to DISH Wireless have been determined to be ineligible for the $3.3 billion of bidding credits for the AWS-3 auction.

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Cell towers and radios for 5G

More Mid-band Spectrum on the Table for FCC Meeting

The FCC is holding an open meeting on September 30th and will look to move forward with opening up more mid-band spectrum for auction.

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Bidding online

FCC Spectrum Auctions Explained

The FCC auctions can be a bit convoluted and hard to understand, so we’ve broken down how the auctions work. Get to know how the FCC uses spectrum auctions to help regulate demand while providing companies with the access they need.

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