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The outside of a Verizon store.

mmWave 5G: Verizon Sets Goal of 30,000 Sites by 2022

In 2021, Verizon has huge plans to follow up on what they have already accomplished and almost double the amount of 5G sites they currently have by adding 14,000 sites this year.

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The outside of a Samsung building.

Samsung, Beamforming to Boost 5G in Automobiles

Array antenna beamforming will be used to provide a stronger signal directed towards a specific area. By doing so, Samsung will be capable of overcoming the coverage issues and travel issues that mmWave signals have when transmitting data.

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Pivotal is Ready for mmWave 5G

Pivotal Commware is already in action with its repeaters helping Verizon spread its 5G Ultra Wideband network among 230 million consumers providing nationwide coverage throughout the United States. The mmWave band of Verizon is available in 61 cities with 12 cities capable of participating in Verizon’s 5G Home service.

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A graphic of 5G networks

Types of 5G Networks

Each network and approach is different as 5G requires many moving parts to make a complete network. We can see this evidence by the fact that each brand will connect users to 5G but not all experiences are the same.

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5G graphic showing mmWave spectrum

What is mmWave Spectrum?

5G uses a range of spectrum bands but with mmWave, you see the highest speeds that 5G has to offer. By using high-band, also called mmWave spectrum, carriers can transmit more data, faster, and without latency.

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A Casa Systems webpage

Breakthroughs With 5G, Fixed Wireless From Casa Systems

The 5G pioneer company from Massachusetts, Casa Systems, is looking to take the future of fixed wireless networks to the next level.

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