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Huawei logo on a smartphone with the American and Chinese flags

Huawei’s H1 Revenues are Reeling From American Sanctions

Security concerns are at the center of the Huawei-U.S. divide. Many fear that the Chinese government could push for sensitive information from Huawei.

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Huawei storefront

Huawei Seeing Impact From Sanctions in Q1 2021

Beginning in May 2019, the United States added Huawei to its Entity List which meant that the company could not purchase parts from U.S. companies without a license from the government granting permission.

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More Drama Between The FCC and China

This is far from the beginning of the U.S. conflicting with China over telecommunication policies. As politics in the United States continue to feel more divided and polarized, protecting American telecommunications from potential security concerns springing from Chinese entities is one of few areas in which receive bipartisan support.

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The FCC is Going to Spend Almost $2 Billion to Replace Huawei and ZTE

With almost $2 billion on the table, the move is a definitive statement by the FCC that shows its intent is less about rhetoric and more about action.

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Joe Biden at a podium

Ericsson CEO Lobbied to Overturn Huawei Ban, Will Joe Biden’s Administration do the Same?

The events in Sweden begs the question: Will President-elect Joe Biden reverse course on Chinese telecom firms?

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A photo of Wall Street

The NYSE is Delisting 3 Major Chinese Telecom Companies

An executive order from President Donald Trump in November 2020, prohibits Americans from investing in entities that have connections with the Chinese military. All three companies are listed by the U.S. Department of Defense to have credible ties to Chinese forces.

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The outside of a Huawei building.

The U.S. Continues to Affect Huawei With Measures Taken Against SMIC

The move is a continuation to add additional pressure to SMIC and other Chinese companies as in November 2021, the U.S. government told American investors to divest themselves before November 11, 2021, in “any Communist Chinese military company.”

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2020 Review Graphic

2020 Review: What Happened With 5G

5G is continuing to spread throughout the United States and the world breaking barriers and connecting us in new and exciting ways. Take a look at some of the biggest stories we followed this year as we get ready to usher in 2021.

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Vector of a Smart Car

Huawei is Entering the Smart Car Arena

Because of the sanctions in place that forbid key organizations from doing business with Huawei over security concerns, China’s largest player in technology is looking for new ways to generate its revenue.

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Ericsson logo on a building.

North Texas is Developing and Testing 5G Capabilities

The Ericsson Village, home to the U.S. headquarters of the Swedish telecom giant, is one of several campuses connected to its end-to-end 5G network along with its research center, Richardson Labs for analyzing functions and other experiments.

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Huawei and ZTE logos with the Chinese and American flags

Huawei, ZTE Feeling Washington’s Sanctions

Evidence that these hindrances are coming into play is being seen as both Huawei and ZTE are slowing installations of 5G base stations to increase 5G coverage throughout the country due to a lack of access to the components needed to complete the job.

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Huawei logo and American flag

Huawei Well-Positioned Even as it Feuds With America

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump along with others have had rising concerns about the Chinese powerhouse. Still, Huawei is preparing to overcome these obstacles on the global market.

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