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5G tower

The CEO of the WIA is Concerned About C-band Spending

The concerns now revolve around the investment leftover by companies to deploy 5G after spending so much on spectrum.

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Telefónica, Mavenir, and AWS to Collab on IoT Services

The goal of the collaboration is to “reinvent the way IoT connectivity services are delivered,” as Telefónica put things. The idea is to combine the usage of cloud technology with cellular connectivity which will find the closest AWS region to deliver Telefónica subscribers a “local shortcut” when accessing the Internet.

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A woman working from home using cloud computing

Working From Home to Push Cloud Computing in 2021

Not only is the prediction for an increase in spending, but Deloitte is expecting seven times more spending in cloud computing than information technology (IT) .

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Internet of Things and cloud computing graphic

AT&T and Microsoft Are Collaborating on Bringing the Internet of Things to the Cloud

AT&T and Microsoft are bringing a new integrated module of IoT to businesses through its collaborative effort, Azure Sphere.

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Oilfield equipment in Loving, TX

Why is Loving, TX Becoming a 5G Hotbed?

The latest generation of wireless relies on many towers and established infrastructure to work at its best and the beginning of its life cycle, expect to see 5G in urbanized, dense marketplaces. So, this begs the question: what in the world is Loving, Texas doing as one of the most hotly contested areas for the rights to 5G spectrum licenses?

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Visualization of a computer hacked by a botnet

Botnets Continue to Pose a Threat to the Internet of Things

Keeping up with security is going to be a challenge for the public, private sectors, and even the government.

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A 5G graphic

The Future of 5G and Video

Wireless communication powered by 5G is promising to enhance the way we experience video across many devices and deliver applications that go far beyond streaming funny videos or thrilling documentaries.

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