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M2M Communication is Spreading Thanks to 5G and the IoT

Imagine a world where machines have a mind of their own and can communicate with one another independently from human […]

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A vector for the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things Consortium Pushes IoT Forward

Created to help businesses collaborate and advance the interests of the IoT, the IoTC is an organization creating a healthy environment that fosters communication, innovation, and solutions.

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A vector of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things Connects Your Home and Saves You Money

From security systems to personal assistants to sensors that help us mitigate water damage, the IoT is helping us protect our homes while saving money in the process.

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GE logo on a building

GE & Verizon Are Teaming Up for 5G Testbed

Installation is taking place on GE’s Research campus to connect what will be ten times the capacity of 4G.

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A woman working from home using cloud computing

Working From Home to Push Cloud Computing in 2021

Not only is the prediction for an increase in spending, but Deloitte is expecting seven times more spending in cloud computing than information technology (IT) .

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Vector of a Smart Car

Huawei is Entering the Smart Car Arena

Because of the sanctions in place that forbid key organizations from doing business with Huawei over security concerns, China’s largest player in technology is looking for new ways to generate its revenue.

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A 5G graphic

The Future of 5G and Video

Wireless communication powered by 5G is promising to enhance the way we experience video across many devices and deliver applications that go far beyond streaming funny videos or thrilling documentaries.

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