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Nvidia is Creating AI-on-5G Solutions With Intriguing Collaborations

Nvidia’s AI-on-5G platform uses the company’s Aerial software development kit and a coverage card known as the BlueField-2 A100.

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Telefónica, Mavenir, and AWS to Collab on IoT Services

The goal of the collaboration is to “reinvent the way IoT connectivity services are delivered,” as Telefónica put things. The idea is to combine the usage of cloud technology with cellular connectivity which will find the closest AWS region to deliver Telefónica subscribers a “local shortcut” when accessing the Internet.

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DISH Wireless and Mavenir Collab Again for RCS Messaging Capabilities

This is just the latest in what has become a huge year for adding vendors to its roster for DISH Wireless with Mavenir being the first to join for its software capabilities in April. The move to use more of the capabilities that Mavenir has to offer is also telling of how vendor relationships could go for DISH Wireless and its partners.

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