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A rural neighborhood

Fixed Wireless Will Accelerate Connectivity on Multiple Fronts

Fixed wireless Internet is a viable solution because of the inexpensive nature and quicker deployment times compared to wired Internet options.

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Will 5G Replace WiFi?

It can be easy to get caught up in looking at speed alone as a deciding factor for many technologies. Speed is important but if we only assess speed we are going to miss the big picture.

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Oracle sign outside of a building

Oracle is Stepping Into 5G by Helping With DISH Wireless Network Slicing

Network slicing is one of the many innovations that is taking the 5G world by storm and DISH Wireless is using it like no other. Oracle is going to help DISH with its 5G core slicing by helping DISH Wireless provide a service-based architecture (SBA) for its 5G network that includes control plane network functions.

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5G in Las Vegas from DISH Wireless

DISH Wireless Begins its Journey in Vegas With AWS Providing Many Cloud Solutions

AWS is allowing a platform for DISH Wireless, its vendors, and consumers to gain more flexibility and control in terms of their 5G solutions and experience.

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DISH Wireless and Nokia to Collab on 5G Network Slicing

Nokia’s NetGuard Security suite will be offered through slice-specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and will provide security features for its subscribers.

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5G network tower

Commercial 5G Network Slicing is Here

As companies continue to look for ways to generate revenue from 5G still in its early stages, Ericsson is hoping that 5G network slicing will provide an avenue to do so in a variety of industries.

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Department of Defense logo on a 5G device

DISH Wireless Offers Network Slice to the DoD, Still Opposes Nationalized 5G Network

DISH has been vocal about its opposition to the DoD’s nationalized 5G network proposal and believes that providing a network slice would be a win-win situation for both parties and the wireless industry as a whole.

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