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Positive Tests From Verizon Using Samsung’s vRAN Gear on C-band

C-band deployment is inching closer, and Verizon is staying prepared with investment and testing. The wireless carrier is reporting encouraging […]

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C-band Radios Now Supported by Samsung’s 5G vRAN

By leveraging E-UTRAN New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) technology which combines 40 MHz of 4G frequencies and 100 MHz of 5G frequencies on C-band spectrum, Samsung was able to hit mindblowing download speeds.

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Ericsson is Claiming Samsung is Infringing on its Patents

Ericsson has taken issue with its colleagues from South Korea, claiming that some of its patents were infringed upon by Samsung.

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Samsung, Beamforming to Boost 5G in Automobiles

Array antenna beamforming will be used to provide a stronger signal directed towards a specific area. By doing so, Samsung will be capable of overcoming the coverage issues and travel issues that mmWave signals have when transmitting data.

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Samsung and IBM Are Delivering Edge Computing, Cloud, and 5G Solutions

The execution of this collaboration will be to utilize Samsung Galaxy 5G devices and end-to-end enterprise network solutions with various solutions from IBM including its edge computing, hybrid cloud, and network expertise/management.

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Verizon wireless on a Samsung smartphone

Verizon, Corning, and Samsung Bring mmWave Technology Indoors

erizon, Corning, and Samsung are aiming to bring a high-band (mmWave) 5G cell site that can be commercially produced.

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Samsung and Verizon’s New Deal Well Worth Over $6 Billion

The largest manufacturer of electronics in South Korea has signed a network deal valuing $6.65 billion with Verizon. The deal will position Samsung to supply radio equipment and services through the year 2025.

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