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T-Mobile Hits 200M "Ultra Capacity" 5G Network Goal Early

T-Mobile Hits 200M “Ultra Capacity” 5G Network Goal Early

T-Mobile hit a massive milestone of covering more than 200 million people with its 5G UC Network. Is the “Uncarrier’s” work done? Not even close.

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T-Mobile Customers Can Get 5G with Nokia's X100

T-Mobile Customers Can Get 5G with Nokia’s X100

Exclusive to T-Mobile and Metro customers, the Nokia X100 is one of the cheapest 5G phones on the market priced at just $252.

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T-Mobile is America's Fastest 5G Network According to Speedtest

T-Mobile is America’s Fastest 5G Network According to Speedtest

T-Mobile continues to dominate the 5G market by beating out AT&T and Verizon in Ookla’s latest Speedtest.

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What Does The 5G UC Icon Mean?

What Does The 5G UC Icon Mean?

T-Mobile recently rolled out an update to all of its iPhone 12 and newer users, they’ll see a 5G UC icon if they’re connected to 5G speeds.

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T-Mobile Gains Credibility as "The 5G Company" in Smaller, Rural Markets

T-Mobile Gains Credibility as “The 5G Company” in Smaller, Rural Markets

T-Mobile is making moves in the rural markets and it’s paying off. The “Un-Carrier” has seen boosted credibility as the “5G company” in rural America.

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A wireless tower in a rural area

The DOJ is Monitoring the CDMA Network Situation

The DOJ is having “grave concerns about the potential for a nationwide CDMA shutdown to leave a substantial proportion of Boost’s customers without service.”

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Sarcos Robotics’ Guardian XT is Using T-Mobile’s 5G to Help Workers

Sarcos Robotics has designed the Guardian XT to perform complex tasks in lieu of a human but with human-like dexterity.

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A rural neighborhood

Fixed Wireless Will Accelerate Connectivity on Multiple Fronts

Fixed wireless Internet is a viable solution because of the inexpensive nature and quicker deployment times compared to wired Internet options.

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Jubilee Hall at Fisk University

Fisk University and T-Mobile are Using 5G for its VR Cadaver Lab

The program will be using 5G to power its VR cadaver lab and provide an elevated in-person classroom experience.

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T-Mobile ad in New York

Q2 2021 is Kind to T-Mobile, Adding 627,000 Postpaid Phones

According to T-Mobile President and CEO Mike Sievert, the wireless giant is the largest provider of prepaid wireless in the United States. T-Mobile experienced 76,000 net adds during the second quarter of 2021, with a churn rate of 2.62%.

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T-Mobile storefront

T-Mobile is Working on an Enhanced Caller ID Feature

T-Mobile is looking to improve the user experience for all through enhanced caller ID features.

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DISH, AT&T Service Deal to Benefit Boost, Republic, and Ting

According to the filing from DISH with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the decade-long agreement with AT&T “will provide current and future customers of its retail wireless brands, including Boost Mobile, Ting Mobile, and Republic Wireless, access to (best-in-class) coverage and connectivity on AT&T’s wireless network, in addition to the new DISH 5G network.

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AT&T logo

AT&T’s Elite Plan Provides Unlimited Data and No Throttling

For $85 per month, AT&T is delivering plans that won’t “throttle” or limit the amount of data subscribers can use within a given month.

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Public Knowledge is Now Supporting DISH Wireless

Both DISH Wireless and Public Knowledge find themselves as some of the 20+ members of the 5G for the 12 GHz Coalition. The goal of the coalition is to see to it that the FCC modifies the rules surrounding the 12 GHz band of spectrum to allow two-way communication.

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Automated Vehicles Are Coming to Vegas Thanks to Halo and T-Mobile

Halo is set to release its fleet of autonomous vehicles powered by T-Mobile’s 5G network.

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5G device on T-Mobile

T-Mobile is Adding Preemption to its First Responder Program

By preempting first responders, public safety officials can remain in contact during an emergency and avoid network congestion from non-emergency communications.

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Rural countryside

T-Mobile Continues to Push its Rural 5G Efforts

T-Mobile will also be using distribution in an additional 2,200 Walmarts with nearly 1,000 stores coming from rural markets.

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12 GHz and Auctions are the Latest Feuds From T-Mobile/DISH Wireless

The issue at hand is because T-Mobile wants the FCC to host a spectrum auction for the rights to 12 GHz, but there is a caveat: it doesn’t want to do so if it means DISH Wireless receives an “undeserved windfall” of the spectrum.

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mmWave 5G vector

mmWave 5G Struggles to Find its Way

On average, users were able to connect only 1% of the time across all carriers through a 90-day test period. Verizon takes the lead but it’s a marginal difference at 0.8% compared to AT&T and T-Mobile’s 0.5% each.

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telehealth through a smartphone

Boost Mobile, K Health Are Bringing Telehealth to Subscribers

K Health is an app available for a $9 per month membership, or, $19 for a one-time virtual visit with a physician, and now free to Boost subscribers who are a part of the Unlimited Plus plan for only $7.99 per month.

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The front of the CPUC

DISH Wireless Discussing Issues With CPUC Regarding T-Mobile

DISH Wireless is asking the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to reopen the proceedings surrounding the aforementioned merger between T-Mobile and Sprint to gain stricter merger commitments.

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T-Mobile 5G device

T-Mobile is Offering Free Samsung 5G Devices With Trade-In

Customers who participate will receive the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for no cost (taxes excluded) through two years of monthly bill credits.

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5G handset

DISH Wireless and T-Mobile Are at Odds Over Boost Mobile

The way T-Mobile sees it, the shutdown is a great thing for not only consumers but also the industry as a whole including DISH Wireless. Not everyone agrees.

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Vector of a targeted ad on a 5G device

T-Mobile is Auto Enrolling Subscribers for Targeted Ads

T-Mobile is claiming that the reason the program will be default is that the company has “heard many say they prefer more relevant ads.”

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Republic Wireless logo on a smartphone

DISH Wireless is Purchasing MVNO Republic Wireless

The deal is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2021 and will include the Relay division, a division that focuses on solutions for education, facilities, healthcare, and manufacturing.

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T-Mobile logo

T-Mobile is Making Moves in the Enterprise and Government Sectors for 5G

The “un-carrier” is looking to penetrate the market with solutions and compete in a new space, but it’s pointing to the notion that the major obstacle hindering them from doing so is the “stranglehold” both AT&T and Verizon have within the sector.

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Georgia Tech sign

Curiosity Lab, T-Mobile, and Georgia Tech Begin Startup Program in GA

The collaborative 5G incubator program for startups is called the 5G Connected Future Program and will look to advance 5G services and move tech forward such as T-Mobile’s Accelerator Program.

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A landscape photo of rural America.

Rural Markets Are Benefiting From T-Mobile’s 5G the Most

At the launch of T-Mobile’s SA 5G network, availability for 5G was at 26.9% for urban users and 24.5% for rural users. Now, rural subscribers are seeing availability reach 33.3% with urban markets experiencing an increase to 31.5%. Rural markets are also connecting to the SA network at a rate of 5.9% of the time as compared to urban markets which reach 3.7% at their peak.

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All Major Carriers Exceeded 1 Gbps at Super Bowl

All three 5G wireless carriers have built out their 5G networks around Raymond James Stadium with an emphasis on high-band (mmWave) spectrum.

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A Samsung storefront.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Supports 5G Carrier Aggregation

The Galaxy S21 will take advantage of low and mid-band 5G spectrum, particularly, for T-Mobile customers.

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