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A Full-Scale Smart City is Coming to the D.C. Area From AT&T

AT&T is planning to use multiple bands of the 5G spectrum to provide maximum coverage for the smart city being planned. This includes the sub-6 GHz and mmWave 5G spectrum. The deployment will begin in the second half of 2022 and continue to expand as the community does.

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Qualcomm booths showcasing 5G IoT devices

5G is Creating Opportunities Outside of Mobile for Qualcomm

Qualcomm is embracing the newest generation of wireless as a way to broaden its reach to a more diverse lineup of devices.

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Verizon building

By Purchasing Senion, Verizon Shows its Intention on Improving Location Tech

Senion is pushing its indoor positioning system (IPS) to sub-meter accuracy through machine learning (ML) sensor fusion technology.

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A vector for the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things Consortium Pushes IoT Forward

Created to help businesses collaborate and advance the interests of the IoT, the IoTC is an organization creating a healthy environment that fosters communication, innovation, and solutions.

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A vector of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things Connects Your Home and Saves You Money

From security systems to personal assistants to sensors that help us mitigate water damage, the IoT is helping us protect our homes while saving money in the process.

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Verizon storefront

Verizon and BlackBerry are Investing in SAM Seamless Networks

Homes and businesses without someone dedicated to preventing and identifying such threats are at the highest risk. Especially places with more and more connected devices such as smart thermostats. SAM also reported seeing an increase in attacks by 12% as more and more people are working at home during the pandemic.

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A vector of cybersecurity

The CTIA is Adamant That the 5G Industry is Already Enhancing Cybersecurity

By working with so many industry leaders and government organizations, the 5G industry can best serve not only the carriers and vendors that make these networks possible but society at large.

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a vector of IoT

MachineQ, an Entity of Comcast, is Doing Big Things in IoT

Changing from a building-wide, low-power IoT network deployed in individual cities, MachineQ now implements an over-the-top-focused deployment model which is providing it the ability to gain customers regardless of whether or not they are connected to Comcast’s cable network.

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Vector of a cryptocurrency saying NFT

The Future of 5G, IoT, and NFTs Can Be Connected

5G is going to power many of the cool aspects where NFTs can grow and provide more value to their users than just what may seem like a silly image or GIF on your social pages.

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Lockheed Martin building

Lockheed Martin and Omnispace Collaborating on 5G Space Network

A global space-based 5G non-terrestrial network (NTN) is being developed by the partners which will combine a non-geostationary satellite constellation, its 2 GHz S-band spectrum, and the capacity of additional telecom operators’ terrestrial mobile networks.

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5G vector

DARPA is Working With the Linux Foundation on 5G Project

The project will focus on developing open-source technology for use within the United States government and will use secure 5G network software and applications.

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Marines near a helicopter

The DoD is Getting a 5G Testbed in Albany, GA

The 5G testbed will help modernize the warehouse operations of the Marine Corps Logistics Command.

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5G vector

5G Solutions for Enterprises Are Coming From Ligado and Rakuten

The collaboration will use the Rakuten Communications Platform (RCP) and together, create a 5G mobile private network solutions for enterprises. The result will be a combination of Rakuten’s Open RAN capabilities and Ligado’s L-band spectrum.

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A large venue

Verizon Business & Zyter Are Improving Venues With 5G and IoT

Everything from the fan experience, basic communication, health, safety, and much more are on the table for 5G to improve how we enjoy live events and Verizon Business is collaborating with Zyter to help bring these functions to life.

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An aircraft used by the U.S. Air Force

AT&T is Bringing 5G to the Air Force

AT&T’s network will have quite the responsibility on its hands as they power over 24,000 military personnel, drones, robots, and a variety of other functions.

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