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Jubilee Hall at Fisk University

Fisk University and T-Mobile are Using 5G for its VR Cadaver Lab

The program will be using 5G to power its VR cadaver lab and provide an elevated in-person classroom experience.

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Verizon 5G

Verizon is Expanding and Testing Exciting Technologies

Verizon will be expanding its 5G MEC with AWS throughout many additional cities this year with the company expecting to see real revenues pour in no earlier than 2022. The partnership seen between Verizon and AWS is different from other partnerships seen by Verizon in that it is focusing on creating wide zone area MEC zones.

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A nurse training on a 5G device.

T-Mobile and the University of Kansas Are Helping Nurses Through the Use of 5G

T-Mobile is collaborating with students at the University of Kansas to help better train nurses using technology and overcoming the obstacles that come with social distancing.

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People using 5G to power virtual reality.

How Will 5G Affect Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

How exactly will these technologies become affected by 5G? We are already seeing emerging trends when using 5G for AR and VR technologies. Learn more about how the future of 5G, AR, and VR are all tied together.

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