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Positive Tests From Verizon Using Samsung’s vRAN Gear on C-band

C-band deployment is inching closer, and Verizon is staying prepared with investment and testing. The wireless carrier is reporting encouraging […]

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Samsung building

C-band Radios Now Supported by Samsung’s 5G vRAN

By leveraging E-UTRAN New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) technology which combines 40 MHz of 4G frequencies and 100 MHz of 5G frequencies on C-band spectrum, Samsung was able to hit mindblowing download speeds.

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A vector of 5G powered by Intel

DISH Wireless is Working With Intel on its vRAN Capabilities

Intel will be bringing its Intel Ethernet 800 Series network adapter, Intel’s FlexRAN software reference architecture, the Intel vRAN Dedicated Accelerator ACC100, and Intel Xeon Scalable Processor to bolster the future 5G network of DISH Wireless and the capabilities or its vendors.

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Intel logo on a flag

Intel is Looking to Make an Impact in 5G With vRAN Lineup

Intel is announcing an increase in products available through its hardware, software, and network solutions to keep up with the direction in which virtualized Radio Access Networks (vRANs) are heading.

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