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5G and Other Technology to Get More Attention After Pandemic

Most of the U.S. is working under lockdown and more people than ever are using the Internet to stay connected […]

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Coronavirus May Force T-Mobile and Verizon To Expand 5G Networks Faster

The entire U.S. just stopped when the Coronavirus was deemed a global pandemic as the number of confirmed cases grew […]

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3GPP Moves 5G Standards to June Due to Covid-19

Coronavirus has had a massive impact across the world in every industry and 5G is no exception. The virus has […]

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Five 5G Phones We’re Really Excited About

As 5G networks begin to roll out across the nation, early adopters and tech-enthusiasts alike are anxious to try out […]

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5G Is Not Connected To COVID-19

An online rumour has been making the rounds connecting the COVID-19 outbreak with 5G networks. The rumour has gained enough […]

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Coronavirus May Wreak Havoc on Apple & Samsung’s 5G Plans

As the coronavirus spreads, so does uncertainty, and many of the plans slated for 5G in 2020 are in danger […]

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5G Brings New Healthcare Opportunities Among COVID-19 Outbreak

Public health services are being pushed to their limits and containing the coronavirus epidemic has proved the need for improved […]

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T-Mobile, DISH and Sprint Control Almost All of 47 GHz Spectrum

T-Mobile, DISH and Sprint all walked away from the FCC’s third millimeter wave 5G auction as big winners, taking home […]

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5G Poses No Radiation Threat and is Backed By Science

There’s a lot of uncertainty about 5G being deemed safe or unsafe. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), […]

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What Is Fixed Wireless?

2020 is the year of 5G and those networks are already crisscrossing most of the country. If you read enough […]

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Samsung’s New Phones Set Expensive Precedent

As 5G begins to roll out across the country and 5G phones are entering the market, there is one thing […]

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5G Ruled Safe by Scientists

The news cycle has been focused on 5G for well over a year now. A few months ago, a major […]

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Who Is Protecting 5G? The U.S. Space Force

What do you suppose one of the U.S. Space Force’s most critical missions are? Protect 5G communication technologies. 5G is […]

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5G Insider

What’s Going On With Huawei In The U.K.?

Not too long ago the headlines surrounding Huawei in the U.K. were all some sort of iteration of the Chinese […]

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Is America Ready For 5G?

It’s no secret that with any new technology, there’s bound to be some fine tuning needed. 5G has promised to […]

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What Will 5G Enable?

Every day it seems our technological advances are getting cooler and more futuristic. From self-driving cars to smart homes and […]

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AT&T and Google Partner To Bring 5G to the Cloud

If you’re a current user of Google’s Cloud then you should be excited about their new partnership with AT&T! Both […]

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Apple’s Supplies Depleted Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus panic isn’t just affecting medical face masks inventory, it’s also affecting electronics manufacturing that’s now hitting at a […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For 5G

Whether you’re keeping up with technology trends or prefer to stay in the comfort of your own bubble, it’s likely […]

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5G Computers Are On Their Way

5G is going to change more than just smartphones. Qualcomm recently announced which carriers will be offering computers that are […]

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5G & Security

5G is undoubtedly the future of the wireless market. The next-generation cellphone network will use its speed, low latency and […]

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Is There A 6G?

It’s hard to follow tech news these days without hearing about 5G. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless networks […]

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What Exactly Is 5G?

If you follow the wireless space in any form you have likely read the term “5G” a couple hundred times […]

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What Does 5G Mean For the Internet of Things?

5G is easily one of the most talked about topics in tech-talk and is definitely worth all the hype its […]

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Could Streetlights Make Sense For Small Cell Deployments?

The startup company Ubicquia is promoting its streetlight powered small cell as a new and easy way to expand small […]

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Verizon Wants to be the First Carrier to Use Their 5G Network for Drone Flights

Verizon wants to be the first carrier to use the new fifth-generation network to connect 1 million drones for flight. […]

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Will 5G Be Available in Rural America?

5G wireless technology is finally starting to deploy nationwide and users couldn’t be more excited to start using the highly […]

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How Will 5G Affect Mobile App Development?

The excitement surrounding the rollout of 5G technology and the impact it has on consumers and carriers are thrilling. Not […]

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Who Will 5G Really Help in 2020 And Beyond?

Many people know what 5G is and its benefits, but there’s still a lack of knowledge as to what consumers […]

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What is Special About 5G?

It’s often difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology and what’s coming out next. 5G is the […]

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What is 5G?

5G operates on a multi-band spectrum, with a peak speed of 20 Gbps and latency of just one millisecond.

Will 5G work indoors?

5G signals can be blocked by walls and other obstructions. Carriers are working on solutions to allow uninterrupted signals indoors.

Will we get 20 Gbps when 5G launches near me?

Most experts predict that in the early days of 5G, speeds will be more like 1.5 gigabytes per second. Which is still much faster than peak 4G speeds.

What is latency?

Latency is the response time it takes for a network to perform an action. For example, this is the time from which you press your game controller button to when your in-game character reacts.