5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For 5G

Whether you’re keeping up with technology trends or prefer to stay in the comfort of your own bubble, it’s likely that you’ve heard a few murmurs about 5G technology busting through 2020 in a big way. After years of anticipated hype, 5G is finally making its grand debut and it’s going to be life changing in every way- and no we’re not just saying that for dramatics.

5G is going to bring you ultra-fast speeds and a super low latency that’s going to revolutionize the way you do everything. From increased cell phone performance to super-cool gadgets in your home and office, you’ll see improvements on every day applications and services and some that you’ve never experienced before, like self-driving cars!

Here are 5 reasons (just to name a few) of why you should be excited for 5G technology:

#1: Self-Driving/Autonomous Cars

We’ve all seen futuristic movies where everyone has a self-driving car and have thought how neat that would be for it to exist in our every day life. Autonomous cars haven’t previously existed because they required not only a lightning-fast network to work on but needed to perform with super-low latency. Latency refers to the time it takes for an action to happen, so in a nutshell, the delay (or time). Autonomous cars need to be able to communicate with the world around them to maintain safety and make decisions instantaneously which hasn’t existed until 5G. 4G had up to a 40-millisecond latency when compared to 5G, one millisecond. Because of this dramatically faster latency, autonomous cars can operate safely in real-time!

#2: Traffic Management

Imagine a world where your time in traffic is cut dramatically. Too good to be true? Not with 5G! Smart cities with improved traffic flow and management will no longer be a pie in the sky idea. With the use of smart sensors, they’ll be able to monitor traffic conditions in real-time, making lights more efficient and getting you to where you want to go faster! An extra added bonus, cars that spend less time on the road will help to improve the environment.

#3: More Interactive & Immersive Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The low latency delivered by 5G will improve our current VR and AR capabilities. In a gaming setting, with 5G goggles the low latency will allow users to kick a soccer ball back and forth in virtually real-time. In a business setting, you could have a meeting with someone across the world, and they’d be sitting in the same room as you- making traditional video meetings 3D and more interactive!

#4: 5G For Drones

Drones are becoming increasingly popular and utilized frequently for photography or video purposes. With 5G, companies will be able to use 5G-enabled drones to deliver goods. Amazon Prime to the next level anyone?   

#5: Better Mobile Experience

You’re already walking around with a super computer in your pocket every day and 5G will give it that boost to become even more powerful. 5G will make your device so much faster and more efficient than ever before. You’ll be able to seamlessly stream, send videos or pictures to friends and family and download all of your favorite content without a Wi-Fi connection. How? Your carrier’s 5G connection will just be that good. You’ll be able to download an entire HD season of Game of Thrones on your way to the airport in just 12 seconds. You read that right…seconds not minutes.  

There are countless reasons of why 5G is so impressive and why people should get excited about it. It’s going to power the future of possibilities-much of which we haven’t even discovered yet. Are you excited for 5G? Let us know what you’re looking forward to using it for in the comments below!