Apple has gotten into the routine of releasing four new iPhone models every year in the fall. Word on the curb is Apple is planning to release four new iPhone 12 models in 2020. The iPhone SE 2 is also rumored to be released in 2020 as well, making it a total of 5 new iPhones we could see in 2020. The Touch ID could also make a comeback as it is also rumored that Apple will use Qualcomm’s in-screen fingerprint reader. These are currently just rumors at the moment but Apple users couldn’t be happier.

New models could mean bigger screens and better features since that’s what we have come to expect from Apple with each new release. According to Samik Chatterjee, an analyst for JPMorgan, Apple will have four new iPhone models varying in screen size: a 5.4-inch model, two 6.1-inch phones and a 6.7-inch phone. All the models are set to have organic light-emitting diode (OLED). OLED works by placing thin films between two conductors and once an electrical current is applied, it creates a bright light. OLED allows the display to be brighter and has higher contrast. It also uses less power than traditional LED and has a faster response time. Samsung and LG currently use this technology to make curved TVs. iPhone displays already look great but imagine how good it would look with the OLED technology. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kou believes that Apple may do away with the current 5.8-inch size of the iPhone 11 Pro. At this point, it seems that the 5.4-inch and one of the 6.1-inch models will be more reasonably priced, while the other 6.1-inch and the 6.7-inch models will be on the higher end of the market, likely named the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple doesn’t just stop with the bigger OLED sizes. The new iPhones are rumored to have 5G support. Depending on your carrier, you might or might not have access to the high band version of 5G. It is rumored that the higher-priced phones will have 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) support meaning they will be able to support the high band version of 5G. The mmWave 5G network is faster however, it doesn’t travel very well through buildings nor does it travel far. The low band network can travel further but isn’t as fast as the mmWave 5G connection. Cameras are also going to get better in the new iPhone 12 Pro and Max as they are rumored to have cameras that capture depth. The standard iPhone 12 models will support the sub-6Ghz spectrum and have dual cameras. The iPhone SE2 is rumored to look more like an iPhone 8, making it look less square and it could offer a 4.7-inch display. The phone could also feature a home button but no Face ID. This phone is meant to be a cheaper option, which is why it will likely offer fewer bells and whistles. The storage options for this phone is 64GB or 128GB, and the colors that could be available are space gray, silver, and red.

TouchID is something many Apple users loved, and we could see that return in 2020. It is rumored Apple will use Qualcomm’s fingerprint scanner in a release next year. Many Android users have already seen this type of technology as it is offered in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10. Also, in 2020, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 16-inch Macbook Pro will get new screen designs and feature mini LED, making the screens slimmer and lighter. Apple hasn’t confirmed or denied the new iPhone models or the cost associated with the phones. We will all be sitting on pins and needles until 2020.

Article Sourced: CNet