DISH Could Become a Major Player in Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless 5G tower from DISH Wireless

DISH Network has taken the wireless world by storm ever since acquiring Boost Mobile and forming its DISH Wireless division; however, while its prospects of becoming one of the largest wireless providers are indeed noteworthy, DISH’s other 5G ambitions are equally worth paying attention. For years, DISH has been silently positioning itself to not only have 5G capabilities but to enter the world of fixed wireless. Fixed wireless when powered by 5G has the opportunity to create a competitive alternative to other broadband services in both consumer and commercial sectors. DISH Wireless may just have the perfect combination to provide fixed wireless solutions to subscribers nationwide through its decisions in the past, present, and future.

DISH Network, EchoStar, and Tarana Wireless

Charlie Ergen is the owner and co-founder of two major companies in the telecommunications world, DISH Network, and EchoStar. DISH is a household name in the world of television while EchoStar has made a name for itself by providing Internet services via HughesNet.

This connection is important because it shows that the leadership at DISH has experience in a variety of functions that will come in handy as a fixed wireless provider. EchoStar also assisted in financing Tarana Wireless in 2019. Tarana Wireless is known for supplying fixed wireless networks with innovative solutions for its customers. 

The original plan for DISH Wireless focused more on creating an NB-IoT network but in the end came up a bit short in the eyes of both DISH and the government. Things changed when DISH was allowed to purchase Boost Mobile

As part of the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, T-Mobile agreed to sell off Boost Mobile to help prop DISH Network up as they work to build out their 5G network, and keep the market from becoming monopolized from the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. By developing a 5G network with speeds capable of delivering broadband to marginalized homes and other institutions, DISH will have a considerable market for its fixed wireless network offerings.

The Future of 5G and Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is already available through a variety of providers including names such as AT&T. The biggest difference is that when fixed wireless is powered by 5G, the possibilities become a lot more versatile and faster. 5G will take the future of fixed wireless and enable it to download and upload data at a rate that is comparable to broadband services we already experience from Internet providers. 5G will even look to surpass these speeds and advance the way we experience the Internet altogether. While many urban markets may not see the need for this technology, rural markets without access to cable and fiber connections and enterprises looking to connect on their private networks will take great joy in knowing that the future of 5G and fixed wireless means faster speeds from a reliable source.

Consumer Demand is Creating an Opportunity for DISH

Studies show that most consumers have a dedicated interest in 5G’s capabilities with powering fixed wireless communication. Many homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and other institutions may lack the necessary wired connections in underserved markets to connect with high-speed broadband. 5G is creating a way for companies like DISH to fulfill the demand and interest of consumers nationwide. Not only will fixed wireless overcome the physical barriers consumers might face, but with 5G, subscribers will gain access to faster speeds than are currently possible due to the limitations of technology.

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