Hong Kong Dominates the Cloud in Asia

As countries continue to race for the best 5G networks available, Hong Kong is shining among the rest as the top area for cloud capabilities.

Move over Singapore, Hong Kong has taken the crown as the top Asian nation in terms of cloud readiness. The two are close, but according to the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) Hong Kong edged Singapore with a score of 81.9 out of 100 as opposed to 81.5. Both nations, however, will be thrilled to know that they can both claim dominance over two major wireless marketplaces with the United States scoring a 79.7 and the United Kingdom scoring a 76.4. Scores were composed of various category scores including each nation’s abilities in security, privacy, sustainability in terms of the environment, and more.

These developments should be interesting over the next several years as protests and measures clash to keep Hong Kong a part of the U.K. or give in to the pressure from China. China will be one of if not the largest 5G wireless markets in the world. With a large customer base, plenty of industrial markets, a strategic geographical location in terms of where 5G devices/components are manufactured, etc., Chinese interests surrounding 5G are high. China’s cloud readiness pales to Hong Kong as it is currently ranked 13th and could look to places such as Hong Kong as an area to study and learn on how to improve its capabilities. Companies around the world are collaborating to bring improved cloud computing functions to 5G. 

It’s no secret that cloud computing is the future because, in many ways, that future is already here. We have moved away from downloading our favorite media in exchange for streaming our favorite shows, movies, and albums. Many video games have moved to rely more on cloud-based functions with 5G positioned to transform cross-platform play forever. The fact is, 5G and cloud computing go hand and hand, and while 5G will bring these capabilities to the next level, the cloud will also help networks develop streamlined methods of introducing applications and programs that can be used to deliver a better wireless experience. 

Watching the progress done by vendors such as Ericsson in Hong Kong will be another interesting development in building its 5G capabilities. As more and more countries become wary of Huawei and China, observing how the Chinese telecommunications conglomerate handles a potential increase in building 5G components for the area will be one the radars of industry insiders and countries around the globe.

Source: RCR Wireless