How 5G Is Leading The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The world is finally getting 5G and it could not be a more exciting time for technology. 5G boasts average speeds up to 1 Gbps, a millisecond latency, and the ability to handle more devices on a network. It’s the technology we need to power our future and it’s more than just downloading movies or streaming live events on to your phone. The true benefits of 5G lie outside of the broadband world and rely instead upon its applications. 5G brings two major benefits that will usher in what’s being called the “fourth industrial revolution.” 

The first benefit is the reduction of network-based delays. 5G will be able to power real-time applications because of the ultra-low latency it delivers. This is an absolute necessity for automation that requires a virtually instantaneous response. The second benefit is the throughput of critical data guaranteed. Though there is a multitude of services and applications 5G will power, here are just a few ways 5G is leading the industrial revolution: 

Autonomous Cars 

For autonomous cars to work, they require a latency that’s almost instantaneous, quicker than human reaction. They’re usually rated on a scale, with 4 being total autonomy (no driver needed) within a specific geographic location and level 5 autonomy is a car that can self-drive anywhere. For either of these to work, the vehicles need to be able to use scanners and sensors to react to the world around them in real-time, something that’s critical for level 4 and level 5 autonomous cars. For the safety of the occupants and everyone else on the road, there can be absolutely no relays in response time. 

Technology That Goes Beyond CGI & Science Fiction

While we won’t have to worry about an “I, Robot” scenario, 5G will benefit machines and plant robots through end-to-end connectivity allowing them to adapt their workloads or methods. Artificial intelligence (AI) has only come so far because of its need to engage with the environment around them and connect to data in real-time. Things like production and manufacturing lines will see a huge boost in productivity and take a giant leap forward because of 5G. 

Gaming Will See A Massive Improvement

Going back to latency and bandwidth, gamers will enjoy a huge lift in performance because of 5G’s ability to deliver ultra-low latency. Even the shortest delay in a game can severely impact the player. So as more gaming platforms like X-Cloud and Stadia come out as 5G becomes more prevalent, gaming households will be able to amp up and take full advantage of what 5G has to offer the gaming world. 

Seamless Virtual & Augmented Reality

Like gaming, access to real-time cloud computing over 5G will drastically improve the performance of virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR). These applications will become more immersive in addition to improving user experience with virtually no delays. 

5G offers the potential for expanding our technology into 

5G offers the potential for our world’s technology to expand in ways we’ve never thought possible. The fourth industrial revolution will be one driven by AI and advanced automation and completely change most industries driven by human effort. The world around us is going to drastically shift as 5G becomes more prevalent, and it’s sure going to be something cool to watch. 

Source: Tech Radar