Overlooked Aspects of a 5G World

The future of 5G has major application and we may be overlooking what is right before our eyes. 2020 is slated to be a huge year for the expansion of the 5G network. Though still in its infancy, 5G has been making headlines for years and although COVID-19 may be putting a hindrance on things, 5G is still moving along and is the wave of the future. Listen, effortlessly steaming 4K or downloading an entire movie at record-breaking speeds is exciting to think about but 5G will deliver much more than faster speeds for our entertainment needs. Some of the greatest features that 5G will provide can be applied in ways that can help us beyond what appears on the surface.

Faster Broadband in Your Home

It’s no secret that 5G is bringing faster Internet speeds to many devices but its application can often be skewed to the entertaining rather than everything else that can become possible with 5G’s amazing speed.

In Focus:

  • Smoother streaming and less lagging for our favorite movies, shows, and games.
  • Music, movies, and games download faster than ever before.
  • Connect with more devices capable of conducting heavy Internet usage.


  • With an increase in download speeds, 5G provides the ideal platform for collaboration. 5G will provide a faster avenue for those working from home or remotely. This can expand operations for large corporations, startups, side hustles, and more.
  • Connect your smart home devices with a greater level of speed and security. You will be able to customize settings and access your home through your devices with a greater level of precision. Devices will also work together in a faster, more intuitive manner.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Our Reality

Every day, the lines between digital realities and our reality continue to become increasingly blurred. 5G will accelerate these efforts by providing a network that allows all realities to work seamlessly in real-time.

Video games and entertainment experiences that blend our world and the virtual world have already been seen in 4G, maybe none more famous than the summer of Pokemon GO; however, from surgeries performed through the Internet to overlayed virtual maps to assist in navigation, 5G promises to take things to another level.

Overlooked AR and VR applications include:

  • Shopping online through a literal virtual store.
  • Using virtual reality in real-time to collaborate or perform highly-skilled tasks such as technical repairs or medical procedures.
  • Communicate in ways that aren’t currently available by interacting and feeling another’s presence in real-time.

New Business Opportunities

The Internet was a game-changer for the world economy. Whereas physical stores and interactions were once necessary for making sales, creating relationships, and servicing clients, the Internet has provided a tool that allows for all of these functions and more to be performed from anywhere in the world.

It may be no secret that 5G will bring new opportunities for businesses, it may be surprising on how the landscape of many industries and markets may change over the upcoming years thanks to 5G, particularly, due to markets and businesses outside of urban centers.

Sadly, while many may take fast, reliable Internet connections for granted, there are still many areas in America and around the world that are unable to connect to speeds necessary for performing many modern Internet functions consistently.

Rural markets are being overlooked. With 5G comes the increase in the reliability and reach of fixed wireless solutions for rural areas looking to connect to quicker Internet speeds. Ecommerce, freelancers, remote workers, and more will be available to a new segment of the population. New industries and the unknown are still in play for many industries but the availability to existing industries in new markets will provide increased competition, collaboration, and products/services that are available thanks to 5G.

5G has a lot of promises to fulfill but looking at some of its more overlooked, intriguing possibilities can help set up the future for more applications and technological advancements.

Source: Tech Radar