The Future of 5G and Video

A 5G graphic

Wireless communication powered by 5G is promising to enhance the way we experience video across many devices and deliver applications that go far beyond streaming funny videos or thrilling documentaries.

Video continues to grow in popularity as a medium to communicate and the developments that are taking place are exciting, to say the least. Watching movies and shows is always going to be a part of the equation but there are many other applications that 5G will see on the video side of things as this technology continues to grow. The majority of consumers according to a new study by Nokia, show that 69% of those surveyed are excited about learning more about what 5G will bring to video capabilities.

These applications will reach far and wide which means while you will see some improvements on your smartphone, you should expect the unexpected. There are many other devices in your life, or soon to be a part of your life, that will enhance and change the way you do many routine activities. Everything from personal security to driving to entertainment is in play here. Let’s begin with exploring the exciting worlds of motion detection and video monitoring, and what 5G is bringing to them.

Motion Detection and Monitoring

Better footage, recognition, and features; these are the beginning of what 5G is offering motion detection technology. Motion detection and video monitoring help in a variety of aspects that mainly involve security systems, alarms, and surveilling large areas, but there is more than can be done. Specifically in detecting and monitoring both areas and objects.

An intriguing look at motion detection involves the Internet of Things (IoT), which we will expand on in the next section. The main ways it can contribute in this space can also be executed before IoT functions are fully realized, however, with better motion detection on things such as vehicles, planes, trains, and anything else that carries us from point A to point B. Better backup cameras, sensors that can prevent wrecks, and additional features to help us keep everyone in and around us traveling more safely will run on 5G. The low latency that 5G provides will help machines alert us to potential dangers in real-time when the fractions of seconds could mean life or death.

Security, Automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Working hand-in-hand with motion detection and video monitoring is security. Many security issues continue to persist in our society. From acts of terror to pandemics to travel and more, there are ways we as a society can enhance our security through 5G. This can often conjure images of 1984 and the government overreaching into our lives, but if done correctly, 5G can help keep us safe without intruding on our privacy. Many of its applications are simply upgrades of steps we have already taken. Take a look at how 5g will improve security features across many different applications:

  • Wireless CCTV cameras with better monitoring features, alert systems, and the ability to communicate with other devices via the IoT.
  • Temperature monitoring can detect potential outbreaks before they occur in larger metro-based areas.
  • Video monitoring that can focus on a suspect while hiding the identities of other individuals around them.
  • AI and automation that will assist by assessing cyber threats through better detection.
  • Devices that can capture things in real-time for better communication, logistics, and transportation such as emergency service vehicles bypassing heavy traffic, vehicles avoiding accidents, managing the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, etc.

Video Capture and Streaming

Capturing video and streaming will also be transformed by 5G. The next generation will have plenty of features that will change many of our favorite video functions such as video chat and watching shows or playing games thanks to its increase in data transfer and ability to work with the cloud. Cloud computing is a huge part of where 5G is taking us and with the capabilities of putting computing functions like apps, entire games, and watching shows on the cloud, it will free up our devices to use its already enhanced download speeds for better functions than they can now. Devices are only going to get smarter with 5G powering them to a promising future.