The Future of 5G is More Than Speed

Automation, innovation, and integration, 5G is here to change the way we not only use the Internet but how we live our lives.

It’s no secret that the tech world is buzzing about 5G. Everyone from some of the biggest names in telecommunications such as Samsung or Verizon to anyone wishing their Netflix would load with more clarity on their phone is talking about the next generation of wireless communications.

Yet, when we look at the capabilities of 5G, speed is often the definitive feature that is mentioned and longed for. Don’t get things twisted, 5G’s incredible capabilities for speeds never seen before will help accomplish many great things through our mobile devices, but the functions that 5G’s speed will unlock go far beyond loading our favorite videos or streaming our favorite Spotify channels.

Shorter loading times will surely convenience our lives in a variety of ways from work to leisure, but 5G’s ability to enable us as a society to perform actions that have never been capable before cannot be overlooked. The speed of 5G is more than simply using the Internet faster, it is equipping us to unlock potential that otherwise, we could never realize. 5G isn’t just the next step in technology, 5G is a technological revolution.

Autonomous Functions Powered by the 5G Network

Imagine a world where farms are run with robots and humans working side by side to create a more efficient method of growing crops. Imagine a world where cars drive themselves and can navigate across cities on their own. Soon, you won’t have to imagine, because, in a 5G world, you will be living it.

One of the most exciting applications of 5G is going to be its ability to delegate tasks autonomously to technology. Due to the network’s reduction in lagging and its ability to transfer large amounts of data through bandwidth at once, robots can transmit information in real-time to each other while working to produce our food or other products. When driving, 5G will provide the speed necessary for automobiles to make the instant decisions needed to safely navigate roads.

5G Allows us More Innovative Integration

5G is positioning society to create and innovate new services and business opportunities in a variety of fields.

Imagine the unthinkable has occurred and you are in desperate need of surgery but your doctor is miles away and unable to perform your operation. What do you do?

Soon, your doctor will be capable of assisting in your surgery using his expertise to monitor and advise your surgery in real-time through virtual reality (VR), but with 5G, it doesn’t end there. Thanks to the low amount of latency that provides the network with instant response times, your surgeon will soon be able to perform the operation on their own from a remote location. Going beyond seeing the operation at hand but utilizing technology that allows users to feel the sensation of actually feeling a patient’s body. 5G brings technology to life in a very literal way.

Integrating 5G Will Provide More Collaboration

Faster speeds and higher download capacities mean that an increase in collaboration is not only possible but inevitable.

Teams working together, whether it be in the healthcare sector as we’ve mentioned or an R&D division of a large corporation creating the prototype of a new, innovative product line, can provide real-time collaborative ideas that can be illustrated to teams far and wide. Working from home is a growing trend and in times such as the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, remote work can be a necessity to keep businesses running. 5G will empower companies with remote workers to collaborate and execute smoothly and quicker than in the past.

We may not see the full capabilities of 5G for years to come but each day we move closer to a faster, reliable wireless communication infrastructure. The future is bright and the abilities birthed from 5G will only continue to increase as we learn how to optimize this emerging technology.

Source: Cnet