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UConn flag on campus

AT&T, UConn Collaborating on Private 5G Network

With this move, AT&T continues to build a reputation of working with higher education as the company has already installed 5G on campuses around the country including the University of Miami, the University of Missouri, and Purdue University.

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telehealth through a smartphone

Boost Mobile, K Health Are Bringing Telehealth to Un-Subscribers

K Health is an app available for a $9 per month membership, or, $19 for a one-time virtual visit with a physician, and now free to Boost subscribers who are a part of the Unlimited Plus plan for only $7.99 per month.

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Verizon logo on a laptop

Jennifer Chronis is Verizon’s New Senior VP of Public Sector

The opportunity became available after two years of leadership from Andrés Irlando who left the company for new challenges. Chronis is bringing her experience in a variety of telecommunication endeavors including her time as a GM of DoD Business at AWS, and a host of positions including Vice President of DoD Business for IBM to Verizon.

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VMware entry sign

RAN is Coming to VMware’s Telco Cloud Platform

The upgrades to VMware’s software will help virtualize both the centralized unit (CU) and distributed unit (DU) functions as well as automation, monitoring, and management for virtual machines and containers.

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12 GHz 5G vector

Companies Are Pushing the FCC to Change the Rules Surrounding 12 GHz

In January 2021, the FCC unanimously voted to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) looking for comments on how to get better use out of the 12 GHz band. The NPRM was seeking to get more out of the band while also protecting incumbents.

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The front of the CPUC

DISH Wireless Discussing Issues With CPUC Regarding T-Mobile

DISH Wireless is asking the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to reopen the proceedings surrounding the aforementioned merger between T-Mobile and Sprint to gain stricter merger commitments.

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Intel logo on a flag

Intel’s Virtual Solutions are Helping Push 5G Forward

Intel’s products are continuing the trend of virtualization we are seeing grow in the world of 5G and other applications.

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Google Cloud sign

Google Cloud is Filling the Demand by 5G/MEC Providers

A division of parent company Alphabet, Google Cloud is working on solutions for telcos that they can not only use for themselves but take those solutions and sell them to their own customers.

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The South Rim of the Grand Canyon

5G…Coming to a National Park Near You?

AccessParks is a specialized Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is providing the U.S. National Park Service with connections in underserved areas and will implement FreedomFi’s turnkey private LTE/5G solution which has usually been used for enterprises to bring connections to park visitors.

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Ericsson logo on a flag

Ericsson is Leading By Example Using 5G in its Factory in Lewisville, TX

The new factory began producing Ericsson’s Street Macro mmWave 5G product in February and now that same product is helping the company run its operations.

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a vector of IoT

MachineQ, an Entity of Comcast, is Doing Big Things in IoT

Changing from a building-wide, low-power IoT network deployed in individual cities, MachineQ now implements an over-the-top-focused deployment model which is providing it the ability to gain customers regardless of whether or not they are connected to Comcast’s cable network.

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Verizon storefront

Verizon’s Tower Deals Helping Deploy its C-band Spectrum

The deal will lease space on existing towers which aligns with the goal of Verizon’s previous comments to overlay its mid-band spectrum for 5G over its 4G LTE grid already in place.

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5G network repeater

SureCall to Supply Verizon With 5G Repeaters

Verizon will be applying the 5G repeaters to its Ultra Wideband network which uses mmWave spectrum to deliver fast speeds to its users.

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Nvidia logo

Nvidia is Creating AI-on-5G Solutions With Intriguing Collaborations

Nvidia’s AI-on-5G platform uses the company’s Aerial software development kit and a coverage card known as the BlueField-2 A100.

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5G in Las Vegas from DISH Wireless

DISH Wireless Begins its Journey in Vegas With AWS Providing Many Cloud Solutions

AWS is allowing a platform for DISH Wireless, its vendors, and consumers to gain more flexibility and control in terms of their 5G solutions and experience.

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T-Mobile 5G device

T-Mobile is Offering Free Samsung 5G Devices With Trade-In

Customers who participate will receive the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for no cost (taxes excluded) through two years of monthly bill credits.

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DISH Wireless and Nokia to Collab on 5G Network Slicing

Nokia’s NetGuard Security suite will be offered through slice-specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and will provide security features for its subscribers.

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AT&T Wants The Biden Administration to Remember 5G for Infrastructure Upgrades

Over $100 billion for the telecommunications industry is what is expected to be up for grabs, but there is a lot of debate on how this money should be distributed.

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A man using 5G at a manufacturing factory

AT&T to Prove the Value of 5G for Manufacturers at MxD

AT&T understands that there is a data problem for manufacturers. The goal of using privatized networks powered by 5G and MEC is to bring data closer to those who need it and make it easier to filter through.

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Vector of a cryptocurrency saying NFT

The Future of 5G, IoT, and NFTs Can Be Connected

5G is going to power many of the cool aspects where NFTs can grow and provide more value to their users than just what may seem like a silly image or GIF on your social pages.

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Vector of 5G carrier aggregation

How Carrier Aggregation is Helping 5G

Our easy-to-read guide to how 5G is being brought to life thanks in part to carrier aggregation.

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Lockheed Martin building

Lockheed Martin and Omnispace Collaborating on 5G Space Network

A global space-based 5G non-terrestrial network (NTN) is being developed by the partners which will combine a non-geostationary satellite constellation, its 2 GHz S-band spectrum, and the capacity of additional telecom operators’ terrestrial mobile networks.

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AT&T storefront

AT&T 5G and 5G+ Explained

Learn more about t5G and 5G+ and how they will affect your experience on AT&T’s network.

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More Drama Between The FCC and China

This is far from the beginning of the U.S. conflicting with China over telecommunication policies. As politics in the United States continue to feel more divided and polarized, protecting American telecommunications from potential security concerns springing from Chinese entities is one of few areas in which receive bipartisan support.

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5G handset

DISH Wireless and T-Mobile Are at Odds Over Boost Mobile

The way T-Mobile sees it, the shutdown is a great thing for not only consumers but also the industry as a whole including DISH Wireless. Not everyone agrees.

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The FCC Is Planning an Auction for 3.45-3.55 GHz Later in 2021

Using the 3.45-3.55 GHz bands, the FCC is offering mid-band spectrum that is expected to gather more diverse participation with a reserve price of $14.8 billion.

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The FCC Has Big Plans for the Future of 5G Spectrum

FCC Chairman Brendan Carr is looking to get as much spectrum as possible to the market and continue the progress we are seeing come forth.

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Nokia logo

Cloud, 5G Services Coming From Nokia and Notable Collaborators

AWS and Nokia will be working on trials that will take place in Finland. Nokia’s 5G virtual RAN and Open RAN technologies are compatible with AWS Outposts which extends AWS’s infrastructure to almost any co-location spaces, data centers, and on-premises facilities.

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AT&T building

AT&T’s Legacy Unlimited Users Get 5G and 5G+

Lately, AT&T has extended these deals to existing customers as well which helped the company report a second-lowest quarter ever in Q4 2020 for postpaid churn at 0.76%.

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Vector of a 5G tower

DISH Wireless to Lease Up To 20,000 Sites From American Tower

The lease will have DISH Wireless paying cash payments beginning in 2022. These payments will continue to grow as DISH’s 5G network expands throughout the country.

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