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T-Mobile storefront

T-Mobile is Working on an Enhanced Caller ID Feature

T-Mobile is looking to improve the user experience for all through enhanced caller ID features.

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Chicago O'Hare International Airport

12 Airports to Receive mmWave 5G Thanks to Boingo Wireless, AT&T

As a neutral host to major wireless networks, Boingo works in complex spaces that feature licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

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DISH, AT&T Service Deal to Benefit Boost, Republic, and Ting

According to the filing from DISH with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the decade-long agreement with AT&T “will provide current and future customers of its retail wireless brands, including Boost Mobile, Ting Mobile, and Republic Wireless, access to (best-in-class) coverage and connectivity on AT&T’s wireless network, in addition to the new DISH 5G network.

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AT&T logo

AT&T’s Elite Plan Provides Unlimited Data and No Throttling

For $85 per month, AT&T is delivering plans that won’t “throttle” or limit the amount of data subscribers can use within a given month.

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The outside of a Qualcomm building.

Qualcomm Ventures Funds 5G Startups for a Better Future

Qualcomm Ventures is a division of the superconductor powerhouse Qualcomm which provides funding and support for a range of entrepreneurial efforts gaining momentum in 5G in other related wireless endeavors.

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Public Knowledge is Now Supporting DISH Wireless

Both DISH Wireless and Public Knowledge find themselves as some of the 20+ members of the 5G for the 12 GHz Coalition. The goal of the coalition is to see to it that the FCC modifies the rules surrounding the 12 GHz band of spectrum to allow two-way communication.

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Automated Vehicles Are Coming to Vegas Thanks to Halo and T-Mobile

Halo is set to release its fleet of autonomous vehicles powered by T-Mobile’s 5G network.

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Qualcomm booths showcasing 5G IoT devices

5G is Creating Opportunities Outside of Mobile for Qualcomm

Qualcomm is embracing the newest generation of wireless as a way to broaden its reach to a more diverse lineup of devices.

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A crowd using 5G devices

GSMA Predicting 1.8 Billion 5G Connections by 2025

Consumers and enterprises alike have plenty of room to grow thanks to 5G as it is quite early in its lifecycle.

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Microsoft Azure on a 5G device

Microsoft is Bringing AT&T’s 5G Network to the Cloud With Azure

The goal is to improve Microsoft Azure’s commercial solutions through AT&T’s training and IP and will have Microsoft purchasing engineering and lifecycle management software from AT&T.

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Orlando, Florida

It Looks Like Orlando is the Next Spot for DISH Wireless

The decision to unleash its 5G network in Orlando, Florida, is one of many others that are quickly adding up to provide an impressive look as to where DISH Wireless is in these beginning stages.

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Verizon Missing as Qualcomm and Others Show Support for mmWave

Matt Ellis, Verizon’s CFO, recently spoke about how C-band and mmWave would be a part of Verizon’s home Internet offerings, and the wireless giant also maintains that the relationship between Qualcomm and Verizon is as strong as ever.

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SD-Core Project to Help Private 5G Networks

ONF is designing the SD-Core as a platform for connectivity as a service to distribute connectivity from the cloud seamlessly.

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5G device on T-Mobile

T-Mobile is Adding Preemption to its First Responder Program

By preempting first responders, public safety officials can remain in contact during an emergency and avoid network congestion from non-emergency communications.

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A Historic Deployment From DISH, AWS, and Nokia

By deploying its 5G SA core on the public cloud, DISH Wireless continues its trend to disrupt the wireless industry by carving its own path.

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Verizon building

By Purchasing Senion, Verizon Shows its Intention on Improving Location Tech

Senion is pushing its indoor positioning system (IPS) to sub-meter accuracy through machine learning (ML) sensor fusion technology.

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5G cloud vector

New 5G Cloud RAN Capabilities From Ericsson are Making a Buzz

On top of these developments, the Swedish-based wireless vendor is also introducing its new Cloud Link software.

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The city of Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX, is the Home of Nokia’s Open RAN Testing Center

The objective of its new center will be to understand how Nokia’s O-RAN equipment works with other vendors.

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Samsung building

C-band Radios Now Supported by Samsung’s 5G vRAN

By leveraging E-UTRAN New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) technology which combines 40 MHz of 4G frequencies and 100 MHz of 5G frequencies on C-band spectrum, Samsung was able to hit mindblowing download speeds.

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Dell laptop

Dell Technologies Will Assist DISH on 5G Network

The goal of the collaboration between DISH Wireless and Dell is to improve edge computing capabilities which will help in the way DISH is deploying its 5G network.

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Verizon storefront

Verizon Business Launches On Site 5G, A Privatized 5G Solution

Verizon is providing a customizable network experience for its customers that works alongside WiFi rather than replace it altogether.

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5G device with DISH Wireless

Sign-Ups Beginning for DISH Wireless

A mysterious Project Genesis website will allow users to sign up for DISH’s 5G network.

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A vector for the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things Consortium Pushes IoT Forward

Created to help businesses collaborate and advance the interests of the IoT, the IoTC is an organization creating a healthy environment that fosters communication, innovation, and solutions.

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Rural 5G towers

New Record From UScellular, Nokia, and Qualcomm Good for Rural Markets

Tests were held in Grand Island, Nebraska using 28 GHz band spectrum on UScellular’s network. Download speeds were able to average 1 Gbps thanks to Nokia’s AirScale mmWave radio and 5G CPE using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF System.

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3.45 GHz Band Speculation Continues As FCC Sets Auction Date

Known as Auction 110, the FCC is looking to auction 100 MHz of spectrum in the 3.45-3.55 GHz range with a reserve price set at around $14.7 billion.

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A vector of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things Connects Your Home and Saves You Money

From security systems to personal assistants to sensors that help us mitigate water damage, the IoT is helping us protect our homes while saving money in the process.

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The U.S. Senate

The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 Passes the U.S. Senate

The measure will allow American firms to develop more chipsets, a sector hindered by ongoing health and political obstacles, as well as compete and win in a global market against the likes of China and others.

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Ericsson is Offering a Private 5G Suite

Ericsson is looking to differentiate itself from the competition by providing entities with a network that is not only easy to deploy, set up only takes a few hours, but is also easy to manage.

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C Spire Expands its 5G Network in Mississippi

Several network enhancements are coming from C Spire which includes Band 41 (2.5 GHz) carriers with carrier aggregation and additional cell site antenna capacity boasting useful features such as multi-layer MIMO and 256 QAM modulation which improves spectral efficiency.

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Verizon storefront

Manon Brouillette is the New COO at Verizon

Brouillette will report to Ronan Dunne, the Chief Executive of the Verizon Consumer Group, the biggest revenue generator for the company.

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