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A graphic of cloud computing working with 5G.

AT&T’s Lab President Believes Cloud & Telecom Compliment Each Other for 5G Networks

AT&T is finding growing opportunities in moving its workload to public cloud computing over time and believe that the move will help them improve economics through scalability.

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5G vector showing Open RAN networks.

Open RAN is Helping 5G Networks Progress

Open RAN will help 5G networks perform better and quicker. Speed is one thing and Open RAN technology will surely help 5G reach the download speeds that it is meant to reach, but Open RAN will also help 5G reach these astounding speeds in a shorter time frame than without it.

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The outside of an Amdocs building.

Amdocs Joins the 5G Open Innovation Lab Looking to Monetize its 5G Investments

Amdocs provides a variety of software and other solutions that are aiming at helping 5G networks grow.

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A fleet for the USPS.

The USPS Wants to Help Deploy 5G Networks

Currently, there are over 31,000 Postal Service facilities across the country. 5G will require thousands upon thousands of sites working together to deliver the next generation of wireless communication.

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Intel logo on a flag

Intel is Looking to Make an Impact in 5G With vRAN Lineup

Intel is announcing an increase in products available through its hardware, software, and network solutions to keep up with the direction in which virtualized Radio Access Networks (vRANs) are heading.

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iPhone 12

iPhone 12

The world’s most popular smartphone is finally making its way to 5G. After plenty of obstacles and delays, Apple is finally releasing the iPhone 12 for users and this smartphone is delivering more than ever before.

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MVNO graphic

Understanding MVNOs and 5G Networks

By providing options to certain markets that may otherwise lack options, MVNOs continue to evolve and find their place in the wireless world. Learn more about how MVNOs are set to take on the next generation

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5G emblem on an iPhone

New Data Suggests Lack of 5G iPhones on Market is Why 5G Adoption Has Been Slow

Apple has struggled to launch its first 5G capable iPhone so far this year. In a year rattled by the COVID-19 pandemic, it should come as no surprise that the wireless industry was affected greatly.

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An aircraft used by the U.S. Air Force

AT&T is Bringing 5G to the Air Force

AT&T’s network will have quite the responsibility on its hands as they power over 24,000 military personnel, drones, robots, and a variety of other functions.

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Internet of Things and cloud computing graphic

AT&T and Microsoft Are Collaborating on Bringing the Internet of Things to the Cloud

AT&T and Microsoft are bringing a new integrated module of IoT to businesses through its collaborative effort, Azure Sphere.

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Verizon wireless on a Samsung smartphone

Verizon, Corning, and Samsung Bring mmWave Technology Indoors

erizon, Corning, and Samsung are aiming to bring a high-band (mmWave) 5G cell site that can be commercially produced.

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Apple’s iPhone 12 Launch Event: What You Need To Know

Get the full breakdown of everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 12 event on 5Ginsider.

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Engineer testing C-band spectrum

U.S. Cellular, Ericsson, and Nokia are Looking to Test C-band Capabilities

Testing is an important part of any network and as 5G continues to grow in the States and abroad, more and more carriers and vendors are pushing what their abilities in wireless are.

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T-Mobile and American Tower Seal a 15-Year Deal

he announcement of T-Mobile signing a 15-year master lease agreement (MLA) with American Tower will see the wireless company receive a boost as it looks to expand its 5G reach across the United States.

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Xfinity sign outside a building

Xfinity Mobile Continues to Make Waves in Wireless

Xfinity Mobile continues to come about as an affordable option for wireless customers looking for access to a 5G network. With around 2.5 million customers, Xfinity is defining its strategy for the future with its eyes on a three-tier mobile strategy.

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DSL wires

AT&T is Taking Away DSL and 5G Will Help This Transition

Current users will be stuck using the speeds and plans they are subscribed to as speed changes will no longer begin offering from the company. New DSL customers are also no longer being accepted as AT&T moves in a new direction.

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DISH Network on a smartphone

DISH Executive Sees Opportunity in Verizon, TracFone Deal

Despite Verizon’s deal to have them purchase the largest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the country, Stephen Stokols, the Executive Vice President of Boost Mobile that DISH appointed after purchasing the company, is loving what he sees.

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An image visualizing automation

DISH is Adding Blue Planet’s Software for Automation in Wireless

A division of the telecommunications company Ciena from Hanover, Maryland, Blue Planet is bringing its software automation that will allow DISH real-time management of inventory, on-demand provisioning, and assist in quicker customer network slices.

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TracFone prepaid cards

Verizon is Making Moves in 5G and Prepaid

Verizon is stirring up the wireless world by purchasing TracFone.

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Nokia Chosen by DISH Network as Latest Vendor for 5G Network

Nokia will be assisting DISH as it grows its wireless division and creates a 5G standalone (SA) nationwide network.

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4.9 GHz mid-band spectrum cell towers

FCC Moving Forward With 4.9 GHz Plan Among Safety Concerns

Met with a heightened level of criticism from public safety officials, the FCC voted 3-2 to proceed with the proposal in place to unleash more 4.9 GHz spectrum.

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Firefighters putting out a car that is on fire

Public Safety Agencies Concerned with 4.9 GHz Spectrum Plans

The good news is that 5G is here to speed up our lives without negative health effects. The bad news? There may still be some concern when it comes to public safety differently than one might think.

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The outside of a Verizon store.

Verizon Waiting to “Flip the Switch” on Nationwide 5G

Verizon is ready to deploy its nationwide 5G throughout the United States but is choosing to wait for the time being until it feels as if the demand is where they want it to be.

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A T-Mobile store

T-Mobile Launching Thousands of Mid-band 5G Sites

T-Mobile shows no signs of slowing down with plans to expand its 5G network and provide solutions to the home fixed wireless market by launching thousands of mid-band sites throughout the United States during the remainder of the year.

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DISH Bringing Changes to Prepaid Business

After acquiring Boost Mobile in July for $1.4 billion, DISH Network has plans to make big changes to “backwards” prepaid market.

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T-Mobile Wins Race to First Standalone 5G Network

T-Mobile has claimed the most sought-after title in the wireless game: the first carrier to deploy a standalone 5G network. […]

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Verizon advertisement for its standalone 5G wireless network.

Verizon Sees Success With 5G Standalone Technology

From the findings Verizon has found from testing a network that does not use 4G LTE, it will begin building the standalone network later this year.

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Bidding online

FCC Spectrum Auctions Explained

The FCC auctions can be a bit convoluted and hard to understand, so we’ve broken down how the auctions work. Get to know how the FCC uses spectrum auctions to help regulate demand while providing companies with the access they need.

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Swedish Company, Ericsson Finds 5G Growth Amid Ongoing Pandemic

Ericsson has been faced with a massive uptick in mobile network usage and the company expects 5G services will be […]

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T-Mobile Plays Coy About Possible Standalone 5G Launch

T-Mobile Plays Coy About Possible Standalone 5G Launch

It seems that T-Mobile has been busier than ever, with ambitious goals to light up standalone 5G sometime this year […]

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