5G Startups Benefit From T-Mobile Ventures

T-Mobile logo on a 5G device

T-Mobile was the first major wireless carrier in America to provide a nationwide 5G network. Now that its 5G network is deployed and is continuing to gain strength, T-Mobile wants to put it to work. 5G adoption is important from multiple levels and continuing to gain momentum. To assist in these endeavors, T-Mobile created the T-Mobile Ventures fund, which helps small to mid-sized 5G startups develop innovative ideas.

“T-Mobile Ventures is part of our mission to give customers the best 5G network in the country – one that will serve all Americans, stimulate competition and create tremendous economic value. With our 5G network at the foundation, we see massive opportunity across both business and consumer segments, and we’re excited to help fuel the wave of 5G applications coming to market in the years ahead,” said Jason Young, the Senior VP of Partnerships and T-Mobile Ventures.

There are four major areas of focus for T-Mobile Ventures:

Each of these avenues has its role to play in how we connect, enjoy, and apply 5G. There is a lot to be done for 5G networks, devices, applications, etc. because 5G is so early in its life cycle. This is exciting because as 5G adoption continues to grow, so will the opportunities for 5G startups and other entities.

Together with Touchdown Ventures, the group in charge of managing the funds, T-Mobile is providing a powerful service for a new generation of wireless. 5G startups can range from any number of industries including, wireless, retail, automotive, manufacturing, entertainment, and many more. The solutions and progress made with 5G startups today will change the way we communicate tomorrow.

T-Mobile Ventures Creates an Ecosystem for 5G Startups to Grow

5G is nothing if not collaborative. While competition will always exist, more and more companies are working together in the wireless space to derive innovations at a quicker, less expensive rate. The T-Mobile Ventures fund is further evidence of the iron sharpening the iron. There are several 5G startups T-Mobile has already helped, including the Drone Racing League (DRL), Mojio, and Cequence Security.

With the DRL collaboration, we see T-Mobile’s direct influence in an innovative and entertaining space. DRL and T-Mobile created the first integrated 5G drones for drone racing. Mojio takes T-Mobile into the automotive space by creating SyncUP DRIVE, which turns automobiles into WiFi hotspots. Finally, T-Mobile’s endeavor with Cequence Security is helping boost cybersecurity on AI-powered software.

Funding and knowledge can go a long way for 5G startups who are looking to make their way in wireless. T-Mobile Ventures connects companies with a great 5G network, technical expertise from one of the biggest names in 5G, the framework to test and release ideas into the market, and the capital to make it all happen.

Innovative 5G Solutions Push T-Mobile’s Network Forward

T-Mobile Ventures is a focused effort. The end goal is to create innovative solutions that not only change our world but push T-Mobile’s 5G network forward. There’s no point in a 5G network without users connecting, and by providing 5G startups with a network, the company is looking to add value to its network. Let’s review the four focal points of T-Mobile when working with 5G startups:

  • Edge Computing– Creating 5G-centric solutions for edge computing provides more data capacity and faster speeds where consumers and entities need them the most. T-Mobile is helping 5G startups accomplish faster speeds in the cloud and 5G networks.
  • Future of Work– The way we work continues to evolve into a digital space at incredible speed. 5G startups that can help facilitate useful communication and collaborative solutions may receive funding from T-Mobile.
  • Industrial IoT– 5G is providing new ways to communicate, but this will also come with more data and components to track. However, 5G can also help businesses manage and sort their data thanks to its speed and capacity. Companies can also automate more functions than ever before due to enhanced AI that can work independently from human input.
  • Security– More data, more devices, more capacity, more capabilities…5G is giving us a lot more. This increase also means that there is a challenge to keep sensitive data and functions safe from hackers. T-Mobile works with 5G startups that specialize in protecting wireless infrastructure and the traffic on such networks from harm.

Seeing the investment pour into 5G is exciting. Another predominant name helping fund 5G startups is Qualcomm Ventures. The semiconductor supergiant is investing $200 million+ into 5G startups that provide solutions for many industries. In the end, larger companies funding smaller 5G startup projects, which are ready to grow, will help everyone, including consumers, experience a better 5G network sooner.

5G startups looking to work with T-Mobile can apply on their website.