A Historic Deployment From DISH, AWS, and Nokia

The trio has deployed the world’s first example of 5G in a public cloud.

DISH Wireless, in collaboration with its established partners Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Nokia, continues to make history. This time, the 5G industry is paying attention because Nokia has deployed a 5G standalone (SA) core for DISH’s network on a public cloud from AWS, marking the first occasion of such a move.

“DISH’s cloud-native 5G network serves as a prime example of how new carriers can revolutionize wireless connectivity in the 5G era,” said Dave Brown, VP, Amazon EC2, AWS. “DISH is continuing to put innovation first with an eye on customer experience via this standalone core deployment on AWS with Nokia,” he continued.

By deploying its 5G SA core on the public cloud, DISH Wireless continues its trend to disrupt the wireless industry by carving its own path. DISH is building its 5G network from the ground up and using many different innovative techniques such as network slicing to accomplish this lofty goal. Because the company does not have an established network, it is quite literally doing things that have been done by few, if any, to ensure that it provides a better 5G network. All while trying to keep pace to satisfy government coverage guidelines and remain on the budget for its reported goal of a $10 billion deployment expense.

“Running the Nokia 5G SA core on AWS will optimize our network operations to launch new software and services rapidly and efficiently, enabling the integration of countless innovative use cases for customers. This collaboration is an important step forward on our mission to deploy the United States’ first cloud-native, Open RAN-based 5G network,” said Marc Rouanne, the Chief Network Officer for DISH.

One of the highlighted features that deploying Nokia’s 5G SA core through AWS will unleash is automation. The needs of customers continue to evolve and DISH Wireless is looking to prepare for these changes by building an automated 5G network that can grow with its subscribers. This innovative approach is one of the many reasons that it continues to push for cloud-native, Open RAN 5G capabilities that are on display yet again with this historic feat. The end result is a 5G network deployed at a great scale, with more security, and capable of performing better. Through automation, DISH will be able to best support consumers and enterprises across multiple cloud stacks.

“We are pleased to break new ground in the telecom industry with AWS and DISH leveraging our cloud-native core to bring innovative 5G capabilities to enterprises and consumers. This collaboration places AWS and DISH at the forefront of the industry, delivering key 5G benefits such as agility and scalability to their customers over Nokia’s proven distributed core architecture,” said Raghav Sahgal, President of Cloud and Network Service at Nokia.

In addition to deploying the 5G SA core, Nokia is also delivering a host of other products and services to help elevate DISH’s 5G network. The Finnish vendor is providing its cloud packet core, device management, NetGuard network security, subscriber data management, and voice core, as well as professional end-to-end security services. At the end of the day, this will all help DISH Wireless achieve near zero-touch automation, follow its Service Level Agreements remaining compliant to its Service-Based Architecture (SBA), and better manage its 5G network as a whole.

Source: GlobeNewswire