AT&T 5G and 5G+ Explained

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If you are one of the millions of AT&T subscribers enjoying their nationwide 5G network, you may be wondering what the difference is between 5G and 5G+. Each provides users with a 5G connection and as AT&T continues to grow its already impressive network, more and more functions will become available to users ranging from augmented reality (AR) to faster downloads while streaming to video calls with unparalleled clarity and much more. Learn more about these wireless connections and how they will affect your experience.

Where 5G and 5G+ Are Available

5G is what the majority of AT&T users will experience. This is AT&T’s low-band spectrum offer which provides a solid connection to the “Fastest Nationwide 5G Network” nationwide. 5G+ is the carrier’s high-band (mmWave) 5G network which provides the best speeds available with reduced lag and provides the framework for many different applications. mmWave is still being unleashed nationwide and is only available in select parts of cities for the time being. As of this time, 38 cities have 5G+ with many more to come and places such as venues and airports being some of the early adopters. For the growing, updated list of where you can find 5G+, click here.

How 5G Spectrum Affects 5G and 5G+

While both networks are “5G”, the difference is in which bands of spectrum a user will be connecting to. Low-band spectrum can travel farther but doesn’t have as much speed, but will still be much faster than the 4G we’re used to from AT&T. mmWave can’t travel well but it can deliver the speeds 5G networks are promising to revolutionize the wireless world. In the middle, mid-band spectrum delivers 5G networks that have a balance of coverage and speed/reduced latency. AT&T continues to take steps to deliver spectrum of all sorts to its customers for a better experience, even investing over $23 billion in a C-band mid-band spectrum auction.

Legacy Unlimited Customers are Welcome

If you’re an existing AT&T unlimited customer free to use as much data as you please, well you are in luck! Both 5G and 5G+ were announced to be added to legacy unlimited subscribers’ availability. This means the latest generation of wireless is available to you in all of its glory with no restraints.

The Future of 5G and 5G+

There are lots of exciting things coming from AT&T and many other major carriers with 5G networks. The world is changing. Soon, edge computing and 5G will work together to deliver AR experiences in grocery stores. Online gaming will improve across the board including mobile and console/CPU due to 5G and fixed wireless access bolstered by 5G. We will see smart cities, automated cars, greater measures in public safety, and many other sectors. As mmWave continues to expand in urban centers and elsewhere, the way we use devices and communicate with others will continue to change in a variety of ways.

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