Boost Mobile is Providing Free Broadband to Subscribers

Using the FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program, Boost Mobile is looking to bridge the gap in access to high-speed Internet.

Qualifying Boost Mobile subscribers will be able to access high-speed broadband for free thanks to Boost Mobile and the FCC’s EBB program. There are two different options for customers to receive this service:

  • Through Boost Mobile, subscribers can receive 35 GB of data per month with unlimited talk and text on their smartphones. Subscribers can either bring their own device or purchase one from Boost Mobile.
  • Subscribers can also purchase a mobile hotspot from Boost Mobile for a one-time fee of $24.99. The hotspot comes with 35 GB of data per month and can connect 8 devices at once, making it the perfect solution for households with multiple users that need access.

“The digital divide marks a major class inequity. Financial hardship should not be a barrier to connectivity, particularly given the ever-increasing role online access plays in work, school, healthcare, and overall productivity,” said Boost Mobile CEO, Stephen Stokols. “With the Emergency Broadband Benefit program, the FCC and Congress have taken an important step to help bridge the digital divide, and we are proud to play a role in making their vision a reality,” he continued.

Users who are looking to sign up for the program can visit their local Boost Mobile location or click here to apply.

Boost Mobile has been approaching wireless differently ever since being purchased by DISH Wireless in 2020. As DISH has a reputation for disrupting industries, it should be no surprise that it is taking its MVNO brand in a different direction to differentiate itself from the competition. Recently, Boost Mobile spoke on providing its customers with a range of value that goes beyond quality communication and it has been delivering on it since. While many wireless brands offer their subscribers added value, Boost Mobile is seeking different avenues than the rest. Entertainment options with offers of Netflix subscriptions as an example for qualifying customers are a way competing wireless brands are gaining and retaining subscribers. The four areas in which Boost is deciding to focus include financial services, gambling, healthcare, and privacy.

Earlier in 2021, Boost Mobile delivered on providing two of its main focuses for extra value including its Privacy Premium bundle and the access to telehealth via K Health through its Unlimited Plus plan. Speculation of a collaboration with DraftKings continues to be monitored as the leading force in fantasy sports is already working with DISH Network on additional features for its pay-TV offerings.

Source: Yahoo! Finance